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EMF fix

We are all being adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation. Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case. Electro sensitivity is now being recognized as a medical condition.

If you want to educate yourself in simple, easy to understand language about what EMF is, how it affects us and what we can do about it this book is a must read.

Did You Know?

• EMF causes of your headaches.
• Your lack of energy is not always through doing too much - it's probably EMF.
• EMF causes birth defects, abortions and Alzheimer's disease.
• EMF negatively affects your sex life.
• EMF causes depression.
• The stress in your life is more likely to be EMF than lifestyle!
• EMF causes minor and major illnesses including cancer.
• EMF is the main cause of insomnia!

Some of the things you will learn in the EMF Fix:

• How to understanding EMF pollution in easy to understand language.
• What EMF frequencies are.
• What happens when clean electricity becomes polluted?
• Stray voltage!
• What EMF radiation you are exposed to at work.
• EMF radiation in the home.
• The effect EMF has on the environment.
• How EMF affects people.
• How EMF affects people.
• The connection between EMF and birth defects.
• Brain tumours.
• Down's syndrome.
• How EMF depletes Melatonin.
• How this causes INSOMNIA.
• What the effects of EMF are on environmental ecosystems
• How EMF affects people.
• The connection between EMF and birth defects.
• Brain tumours.
• Down's syndrome.
• How EMF depletes Melatonin.
• How this causes INSOMNIA.
• EMF and neurological behaviour disorders.
• EMF increases Serum Triglyceride levels.
• How exposure to EMF causes childhood Cancers.
• EMF increases the growth rate of cancer cells.
• Elecrosensitivity.
• What Electrosensitivity is.
• Who it affects.
• The symptoms and illnesses associated with Electrosensitivity.
• Case studies of Electrosensitive people.
• How EMF affects livestock and animals.
• What EMF does to aquatic life.
• Solutions to EMF radiation.
• What you can do at home or work.
• Reducing EMF radiation when you are sleeping.
• Protect yourself from radiation when using a cell phone.
• Reducing radiation from a computer.
• Reducing the effects of EMF radiation from all electrical appliances.
• Alternative solutions.
• The limitations of alternative solutions.
• Practical solutions that work.
• Resources.
“While frightening, it is true: the current #1 environmental in industrialized, developed countries is that of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Pollution!
It is therefore the goal of this very important eBook to provide you with a proper and thorough understanding of the very dangerous -- and virtually unknown – danger that is called Electromagnetic Field Pollution. This eBook will teach you how to recognize EMF sources in your home and work environment, and will help you identify the negative health effects it may already (without your knowledge!) be having on you and your family. Finally, in the last chapter, it will provide some real answers to this problem that are available to you and your family right now”. Excerpt from “The EMF Fix”

You can’t afford not to know about EMF and the potential harm it is doing. The EMF Fix not only explains how, where and why it also offers practical solutions.
Start being safe today by reading The EMF Fix!

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The EMF Fix

The EMF Fix Ebook USD$9.00
Explaining simply why electromagnetic fields are so harmful.

Sleep like a baby.

A must read for all insomniacs. Easy to read with explanations, advice and solutions that are very do-able.
This is a self-help book that really helps. Written with a hint of humour and lots of personal experience, you certainly won’t nod off to sleep in boredom reading it. Understand why you are having sleepless nights and what you can do about it.
Insomnia and sleep disorders end with “Sleep like a baby”
Some of the things you will learn in Sleeping like a Baby. .

• What is sleep and how much we need.
• What causes insomnia.
• What are sleeping disorders.
• All about night terrors.
• The special needs of Night and shift workers.
• Sleep deprivation when you are sick or in pain.
• How electromagnetic radiation stops us sleeping including scientific research.
• How where you live could stop you from sleeping.
Simple practical steps from experts to getting the sleep that we need.
“Insomnia is complex and the solution has to be multi layered. Wouldn’t you just know it – why can’t anything in life be simple? But the bottom line is that it is entirely up to you to take the steps to curing your own sleeplessness. That mostly means making life choices and changes to deal with the problem. Sounds hard? Well it’s not when you get started. When you understand what makes you and your insomnia tick.” excerpt from Sleep like a Baby
“Sleep like a baby” is the answer to all insomnia problems. Get your copy today so that you can start sleeping – like a baby.

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Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep Like a Baby Ebook USD$9.00
Why can't you sleep? Educate yourself so that you can "Sleep Like a Baby!"

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