Boost Your Health, Improve Your Sex Life, Cure Insomnia and Night Terrors, Reduce Stress, And So Muc

In this modern technological world when things have moved faster than we humans have been able to adjust to, what we use to improve our life is in fact destroying it!

Frightening thought?

That is why we need to educate ourselves.

In a world where we are controlled by our ignorance. Where we are kept in ignorance because corporations and governments are making lots of money out of our lack of knowledge.
The silence and denial around EMF is the same as it was around the dangers of smoking! Too late for many when it became common knowledge - they are terminally sick.

Don't be kept in the dark about EMF - until it's too late for you.

Be informed

We want to blow a hole in the ignorance surrounding the dangers of EMF. Don't be deceived or hoodwinded about it - become informed.

Our book will educate you

and empower you.
It will let you make your own decisions because you will know. Not relying on what you are being told.

Did You Know?

  • EMF could be the cause of your headaches.
  • Your lack of energy is not through doing too much - it's EMF.
  • EMF causes birth defects, abortions and Alzheimer's disease.
  • EMF is negatively affecting your sex life.
  • EMF causes depression.
  • The stress in your life is more likely to be EMF than lifestyle!
  • EMF causes minor and major illnesses including cancer.
  • EMF is the main cause of insomnia!

There is more to know. Can you afford not to know?

Read it all in the "EMF Fix".

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The EMF Fix

The EMF Fix Ebook USD$27.00

Explaining simply why electromagnetic fields are so harmful.

This is probably the easiest ebook you will ever read, and one of the most informative. It explains EMF (electromagnetic field pollution) in easy layman terms that you will fully understand. EMF in itself is a difficult expansive subject; the majority of books about it use terminology that makes it comprehensible only to those versed in the subject. Most of us aren't, so when faced with jargon that we don't understand we give up. But you mustn't - this is your health and well-being at stake.

  • The EMF Fix explains what EMF is, and how to understand it. How it affects us, animals and the environment. It goes into this in great detail. Some of the facts are shocking. There is also a chapter about electrosensitive people - a problem that is on the increase.
  • The EMF Fix would be a very depressing read if it did not have a section on solutions. There is much more that we can do about EMF than you thought! The book is worth reading purely for this ray of hope in what is a very oppressive subject.
  • This is a must read ebook that will inform you about the single most disruptive, dangerous phenomenon in our modern world. About a subject that we all have to live with. That is affecting us in diverse and disastrous ways. That is unseen, unheard - it's like a thief in the night that steals us of our health, well being and very joy of life. Even life itself!
  • This e book is about EMF - the unseen enemy - and how to fix it.

This is some of the information you will find in THE EMF FIX

  • Understanding EMF pollution in laymans terminology.
  • EMF frequencies.
  • What happens when clean electricity becomes polluted?
  • Stray voltage!
  • What EMF radiation there is at work.
  • EMF radiation at home.
  • The affect of EMF on the environment.
  • How EMF affects livestock.
  • Effects of EMF on environmental ecosystems
  • What EMF does to aquatic life.
  • How EMF affects people.
  • The connection between EMF and birth defects.
  • Brain tumors.
  • Down's Syndrome.
  • How EMF depletes Melatonin.
  • How this causes INSOMNIA.
  • EMF and neurological behavior disorders.
  • EMF increases Serum Triglyceride levels.
  • How exposure to EMF causes childhood Cancers.
  • EMF increases the growth rate of cancer cells.
  • Elecrosensitivity.
  • What Electrosensitivity is.
  • Who it affects.
  • The symptoms and illnesses associated with Electrosensitivity.
  • Case studies of Electrosensitive people.
  • Solutions to EMF radiation.
  • What you can do at home or work.
  • Reducing EMF radiation when you are sleeping.
  • Working.
  • Using a cell phone.
  • Reducing radiation from a computer.
  • Reducing the affects of EMF radiation from all electrical appliances.
  • Alternative solutions.
  • The limitations of alternative solutions.
  • Practical solutions that work.
  • Resources.

Education costs a lot less than a life time of pills and medical bills.

All that is important to you - all that you hold dear - achieved by the knowledge that you gain from reading this invaluable ebook "The EMF Fix"

Buy now
The EMF Fix

The EMF Fix Ebook USD$27.00

Explaining simply why electromagnetic fields are so harmful.

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