Effective, affordable cell phone protection-available here now.

Effective, affordable cell phone protection-available here now. Cell phones radiate EMF. We all know that. When they are merely switch on they are harmful to our bodies – affect our health and well being. But when a cell phone is put next to your ear – you're cooking your brain. You are directing microwaves straight into your head. Ouch!!

cellphone radiation to the head

Picture 1 without protection. Picture 2 with the RadiSafe phone chip.
For a long time we have been looking at cell phone protection. Our Nu-Me pendants do a very effective job of protecting against a live cell phone – yours and any one else’s. But when you put it next to your ear that is another matter. We have looked at and tested dozens of cell phone chips and have found nothing that we considered to be effective enough to give our seal of approval. Until now.
At last we have found Cell phone protective chips that we can offer with confidence at a price that is affordable by every one. The basic technology is in line with all our other protective devices and we have been able to boost their efficiency with an energetic frequency. This makes them the most efficient cell phone chip available – anywhere!
These are available now - singly or in packs of four see here.

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