Pyramid Energy Balancer

The p.e.bal is the most powerful solution for space clearing / energetic harmonization that is available anywhere.It is a must in any home or work-place as an extremely effective EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) or EMR(ElectroMagnetic Radiation) and geopathic stress protector.

Quantum physics proves that we are ordered energetic systems so anything that throws our energy systems into chaos causes us pain, suffering and dis-ease. Any form of disturbed energy whether it be from EMF/EMR (Electromagenetic field/Electro-magnetic radiation), Geopathic stress, energetic residue or our own or other peoples negative emotions is potentially harmful. The p.e.bal deals swiftly and effectively with all forms of disturbed energy.

If you suffer from insomnia the p.e.bal is a must. EMF robs the body of the hormone Melatonin which is essential for sleep and also protects against Cancer.

The p.e.bal generates a protective energy field of over 18 yards (18 metres) radius. You will be able to feel this energy with your hands. It uses no batteries. It has no moving parts. It requires no maintenance. Every home and work place should have one.

The p.e.bal stands at 4cm (1.6") tall and is hand-crafted with a cast metal casing. It is so striking that it is a conversation piece. The engraving on the four sides indicate its purpose and our intent. They stand for protection, infinite love, healing and the breath (or life force).

We have packaged it in a hand woven trinket box not only to protect the p.e.bal but also the environment from more land fill. The boxes are hand woven in Indonesia under a "fair trade agreement". They are our gift to you - to either carry your p.e.bal in or to keep other precious little things in.

My p.e.bal & Nu-Me pendant just arrived. I felt so much more peace in my home and in my mind and body. Stress is melting away. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful products that refine the body and spirit!
Deborah Meyer - USA being able to supply our patients/clients with such quality products. My job sitting amidst computers and office machines all day is certainly easier since I keep my p.e.bal near me. My energy stays stronger longer since we brought it in, and patients notice the "goodness" emanating from the pyramids. We run a healing business, and do as much as we can to have our energetic environment match the quality of service we offer our patients. thanks for helping make that possible.
Mary Londos, administrator for Thom Rogers, DC, USA
... found I was able to sleep for up to 7 hours. However I showed the p.e.bal to a relative who was very keen on trying it out. Hence I handed mine to her and she has found it is helping her in all sorts of ways - more harmony at home and at work. Hence I need to get another one for myself.
Marlene Hunter,Christchurch, New Zealand

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PE Bal

The P.e.bal (Pyramid Energy BALancer) USD$149.00

Powerful energy balancer/protector and healing device.

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