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Dowsing using a rod, stick or pendulum is an art that goes back thousands of years.

The Tassili caves in the Atlas mountains, North Africa have illustrations which are at least 8000 years old which depict people dowsing. Illustrations of dowsers were found on temple walls in Egypt that are 4000 years. The Chinese Emperor Yu who rule 2500 years ago is shown holding a dowsing device.Dowsing is even mentioned in the bible. Moses and his son Aaron used a dowsing rod to locate and "bring forth water".

This is only part of a rich history which shows that, for thousands of years, all around the world people have used dowsing. Why?

Dowsing has been and is used to answer questions, find things or people, locate water, oil, minerals and treasure (including the Lottery). To find the answer to love dilemmas and business decisions. Dowsing can be used to pin point numbers and food allergies. Anything and every thing has a Yes or no answer.

Our sub-conscious or Higher Self has access to ALL answers. All you need to do is ask the question and let your pendulum tell you what that answer is. Quantum physic scientists now agree that we are all one energy and within this oneness are answers to all the questions of the universe. We can tap into this universal consciousness if we know how. The crystal pendulum is the tool that will make it possible.

Our beautiful, real crystal pendulums are properly weighted so that they swing properly. They are neat enough to carry in your pocket or bag and to protect them they have their own velvet drawstring bag.

So you haven't done it before or are not confident about your skill at dowsing?

Our easy step by step instructions explain exactly what to do,and how to do it simply and properly. All you need to do is practice. And have fun with this thousands of year-old art!

Dowsing with your crystal pendulum will definitely take the guess work out of living!

Pendulums intuitively selected for you personally from a range of crystals and are now charged with the solfeggio healing frequencies

Crystal Pendulum

crystal pendulum

Age-old divination tool

  • Find the answer to any question
  • Test any substance or food to see whether it is good for you
  • Test our products to see which is best for you.
  • Fathom the secrets of the universe.
  • Comes will full instructions.

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