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If you like to watch video rather than read text we have something for you. With the help of some software we are starting to transform some of our written blogs into videos.

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Cancer from Microwave and cell phone radiation has doubled.

EMF exposure is causing insomnia, depression, anxiety, illness and memory loss.

Cordless phones affect the heart.

Smart Meters causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses that strike people in their own homes

Keep Safe - WHO says that exposure to a Wi-Fi type radiation is a potential Class 2B carcinogen

Warning Signs that Wi Fi Cellular Radiation is affecting your health 

EMF, EMR, Our Brains and the Weather.  What's the link?

What 15 minutes on your cell phone actually does to your brain

How easy is identity theft?

Smart meters causing fires across America.


Flying with HOPE.


New research confirms cell phones cause brain cancer and children are more at risk.

Recent study provides concrete evidence that EMF signals from cell phone towers can cause pain.

Claim of cell phone causing brain cancer payout - another court case

Cell phone company Cancer payout

EMF causes dumb children

A healthy alternative to wi-fi

Is this the beginning of the end for so called smart meters?

Wi-Fi radiation kills & inhibits growth of plants - tested

Baby monitors - More EMF radiation than Cell Phone Mast


What is Geopathic Stress


Unhealthy Health Centre


What do Brazil's researchers know about cell tower radiation and cancer that your doctor won't tell you?

Are you in the Christmas Spirit?

Does Santa have a cell phone?

Links between EMF, Thyroid cancer and Type 3 Diabetes, insomnia and other serious health conditions.


EMF in cars.


What do renowned world scientists have to say about EMF to the UN?


Electromagnetic fields in the workplace.


Learning difficulties because of Electo - magnetic radiation - Effects of EMF radiation in schools.


Microwave ovens were invented by the Nazis - Russia tests effects on health


Is EMF radiation from your cell phone affecting you - More facts? 


The EMF Mould Connection. 

Is Insomnia addictive?


Denying Electromagnetic Radiation


Causes of insomnia & cures for insomnia


Is electricity making us fat?

RFID Credit Cards. How to protect yourself from data thieves

EMF and Household appliances

Study shows Radiation risk from cordless phones

What are panic attacks?

Dangers of cell phone use

Electrosensitivity - Nikola Tesla - the first case?

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