Life Energy Nano Wand Scalar Wave Enhanced

Amega Wand alternative - feel the energy

Wands are not new. As kids we were fascinated by wizards and fairy godmothers - they wielded wands. Of course these wands were magical and maybe mystical. The wand was pointed and wonderful things happened.

The Life Energy Nano Wand is not so different. It may not have supernatural powers but by pointing and circling, a bit Merlin style, over an area of pain or blockage this crystal wand can definitely do wonderful things. You could say that the results are miraculous!

A crystal wand? Yes and some.- Tourmaline, maifanshi stone, far infrared stone, calcium ion, pi stone and nano silver powder. A powerful combination.

The Life Energy Nano Wand is a natural energy generating device. The special combination of granulated crystals and minerals, which have been processed using Nanonized fusion Technology, resonate with Zero Point Energy, which is the energy from which everything is made - including us. Potent stuff!

This energy also rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids and food. The molecular structure causes them to become more hydrated and so tastes better with an extend shelf life.

We have added

Life Energy Nano Wands have been embedded with a scalar frequency. This is unique to us and although there are many makes of wands on the market -

Life Energy Nano Wands are the most powerful wand available - anywhere.

So why cheaper than the Amega Wand and others?

The Amwand is sold through MLM which inflates the price beyond it's worth because of the down-line of commissions. We have built our reputation on fair prices and good service. We want to give you the very best at a price that is affordable.

We put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our empowered Nano wand superior against any other crystal wand including the Amega Wand. Your bank balance will be happier too!!

"After working on one co-worker's painful wrist (the pain went within 60 seconds and after 2-3 minutes of using the want she had full and unrestricted use of the wrist) the word spread quickly and by the end of the day I had been asked to work on a range of diverse issues - from tense shoulders/headaches to painful backs to knee pain (in a manner of speaking I "came out of the closet!!). The wand in every case stopped the pain relaxed the area around the pain site and restored full mobility. People's reactions were a mixture of incredulity, gratefulness and sheer wonder. I wasn't surprised by what it was able to do, but I was astonished at how quickly it was able to effect change and how easily people accepted its use." Mike. NSW, Australia

What can you use the Life Energy Nano Wand for?

uses for the life energy Nano Wand

  • Pain relief
  • To assist healing.
  • To discharge energy blockages in the body
  • Clear and strengthen the Bio energetic field.
  • Energize food and drink thus increasing its potency and benefit to the body.
  • Assists with healing and energetic imbalances in pets and animals.
  • Helps plants to absorb the nutriments needed to grow and to flourish.

What are the benefits from using the Life Energy Nano Wand:

  • Helps the body to obtain homeostasis.
  • Strengthens the bio field.
  • Facilitates healing.
  • Relieves pain and discomfort.
  • Energizes food and drink making them more beneficial to the body.
  • Makes food and drink more acceptable to the body (food intolerances).
  • Stimulates bodily functions.
  • Strengthens immunity.
  • Facilities and strengthens the flow of Life Energy into the body.
  • Energizes the body and increases its performance.
  • Makes plants, fruits and vegetables grow better, stronger and more nutritional.
  • Helps pets to become and stay healthy and energetic.
  • Because of all the above improves the quality of life.

And that is just the beginning

  • The Nano Wand is so easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Comes in a brown leather case
  • Buy two or three and get a great discount.

The most powerful healing wand bulk discounts

The Life Energy Nano Wand works well with all our other products.

The Nu-Me Protective pendant, p.e.bal and Negater Shell have proven technology that balances and protects so together with the Life Energy Nano Wand they promote, health, wellbeing and a greater quality of life. So why struggle on alone?

Life has no quick fix - work with your Life Energy Wand and it will work for you. But be patient as some causes are more deep rooted than others. Your patience will always see results.

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