Scientists and Doctors Make Urgent Appeal Against 5G Rollout

Scientists and Doctors Make Urgent Appeal Against 5G Rollout

On September 13th 2017 more than 180 scientists and doctors sent an 11 page appeal for a moritorium on 5G in the European Union.

I have said this before and I will repeat that the roll-out of 5G is tantamount to genocide and that if we want to survive and thrive we need to collectively wake up and put a stop to it.

The Daily Sheeple host Joe Joseph on the following video sums up the issues pretty well: 


Our position here at Life Energy Designs is that it needs to be stopped and we are dedicated to being part of the education process. Unfortunately it is already out there and people are starting to suffer serious debilitating health conditions. For those who are exposed and unable to move we are increasing the power of some of our devices to help mitigate the local effects of this radiation. Our new POWER P.E.BAL is over twice the strength of its predecessor and this means that it has a higher field strength. This higher field strength allows it to strongly mitigate intense radiation such as microwave, Smart meters, and cell tower 4G and 5G. Our Zen Stones also produce high field strengths and can be stacked together to increase the local protection. 



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