5G Apocalypse - Sacha Stone

It's a weapon system.

5G Apocalypse - Sacha Stone
We are going to share a video with you which might be hard for some of you to watch. If you take on board what is being relayed here, then you might find your world view being challenged - particularly if you of a mind that "the system" we are living in is basically benign and there to serve our best interests.

There are many who are reading this who have already "taken the red pill" (a Matrix reference meaning to have gone eyes wide open to what is happening in the world). For others it might be a doorway to going down the rabbit hole with Alice.

If you are still reading then I would recommend that you take the time to watch this video on the basis that knowledge is power and that the more power we have as a collective means the more power we have to stop this destructive technology from being rolled out to the detriment of everybody's health and well-being.

5G has already been banned in Brussels - the first major city to do so.

The question now is why isn't my government / council blocking this in my country/city?


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