Chopping Down Trees for 5G

Chopping Down Trees for 5G
5G uses high frequencies, in the microwave spectrum, that have a much shorter range than 4G.. This means that there will have to be multiple cell towers in EVERY street.
The leaves on a tree are enough to block or inhibit the signal so the trees have to go.

This video is not about 5G - well not openly .

It is a protest about losing healthy trees under the guise of road repairs. The protesters are concerned about the trees not 5G - for now.

But we are not so naïve as to be fooled by how the world works. Especially in big business and politics. We know that we are lied to constantly. There are no morals when it comes to them getting their agenda fulfilled. Is it really about road repairs?

This video may not be about 5G directly, but it is a good watch to see people power. It also gives an insight in what will happen to trees in the rollout of 5G.


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