Coping with the death of a pet isn't easy

Coping with the death of a pet isn't easy

Pets really appreciate this technology

Thanks to Carol for this inspiring story. It was too long for a testimonial and it deserved a space of its own:

Recently I lost my 19 yo cat, Zara -a very loving little Tabby, born and bred on the home property here -the last of numerous cats I've shared my home with over many years. Because I'd never had a cat live to Senior citizenship before, she was Special, and we grew very close. For 2-3 years she'd not wandered far at all -and as the weather cooled, she spent most all of her time indoors -near the fire! ... She was 'off colour' so I made an appt with the Vet for an examination - they reported she needed a variety of tests [a very uncomfortable procedure for an elderly cat!] -that they would keep her overnight in the Clinic 'hospital'(??). I wasn't happy about that -knowing she would be terrified by such an experience -but unfortunately, I complied. Next morning the Vet rang to say she'd had a 'fit'/seizure, or 'something'! overnight, and was almost dead when they arrived at the Clinic but they revived her and told me to come right away to see her. I was upset and not just a little shocked with that news, so went as soon as I could, to the Clinic. It was a frosty morning; she was very cold to the touch and with little movement... She had been left alone all night, in a cold room, separated from her familiar WARM environment [I believe it was a great shock to her system that caused the 'seizure/fit'] -but when I spoke to her she immediately knew my voice and opened her eyes; she tried to 'talk' to me as I talked with her, but her energy was very low and her attempted responses very weak -though she DID respond to me in her way! I knew SHE knew, I was there. I wanted to bring her home and let her die in my arms, but because she was 'hooked up' to life support -they disallowed me from that. Remember she was a cat who'd lived a very COSY life - never away from where she'd been born. I decided to use the Shell Negator on her [in hindsight, I wish I'd left it with her in the cage overnight!] , since she'd often responded to energy work I'd done in the past. I rested her head on my right hand, placed my left hand gently on her cold frame, after placing the Shell Negator near her, in the cage... I stayed with her that way for almost two hours that morning -delivering Reiki to her simultaneously.

As time went by I saw that she was becoming calmer, and calmer, till I decided she was calm enough for me to leave her and have a long chat with the Vet... it was a very helpful chat, and I finally accepted that Zara's passing was imminent -I'd been able to spend quality time with her at the end, that the Negater Shell had been effective, helping to bring her to a peaceful status [together with the Reiki] -that I could say Goodbye to her - and let her go - in Peace... It was indeed a sad parting and I have grieved for 2 1/2 months since then but I had to share with you the part the Negater Shell played in the last hours of Zara's life on earth ... please accept my sincere thanks for supplying them and all your other helpful products! [of which I now have a few] ....

My Nu_Me Pendant is often commented-upon when I wear it out - and the two Negater Shells plus the two p.e.bals in the house here -are "Energy to Behold" [as mentioned in a recent email to you from a friend of mine!]

Best wishes ... from Carol


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