Electrosensitivity - the new dis-ease.

Electrosensitivity - the new dis-ease. Electro - Sensitivity, which is also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, electrical sensitivity, electrosensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome (ES) and other terms is a distressing physiological disorder caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields. A new dis-ease that is rapidly growing.

In Western society the density of radio waves around us is now 100-200 million times the natural level that reaches us from the sun!

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Electrical hypersensitivity (ES) is a disorder in which neurological and allergic-type symptoms are caused by being exposed to electromagnetic fields. People who suffer ES are primarily sensitive to certain frequencies of EMF. Many have an abrupt onset of symptoms following exposure to EMF radiated from equipment like a new computer, or new fluorescent lights (including energy saving bulbs). Symptoms are often not associated immediately with exposure to EMF. It has also been reported that the onset of ES has occurred following chemical exposure.

Symptoms of electrosensitivity include headache, insomnia, eye irritations, dizziness, nausea, skin rashes, facial swelling, fatigue, joint pains, buzzing/ringing in the ears, abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, irregular heart beat, depression, balance problems, paralysis, poor memory/concentration seizures – to name only a few.

ES is an emotionally charged health issue when sufferers often receive little understanding or support from our society or institutions including the medical profession, who have not yet recognized electromagnetic sensitivity as a medical condition, often sending them for neuropsychiatric evaluation!

How long will it be before there is recognition that ES is real? The symptoms are real? That the electrosensitive need help and recognition – NOW. Not some time in the future when other countries follow Sweden’s lead and deign to recognize ES as a dis-ease and offer help and solutions.

View a case study and video about ES sufferer U.K Sculptor Margaret Lovell.

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