(Life) Energy Healing

(Life) Energy Healing Life energy (also known as prana, chi, ki, Orgone) healing embraces many forms which include the laying on of hands, prana healing, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, flower essences, Rieki, chi kung, therapeutic touch and self-healing.

It makes sense that as we (and everything) are composed of energy that using that same energy - life energy - to heal is possible. In fact it is arguably the only way to achieve a complete cure. All other methods treat the symptoms or stimulate the bodies own healing mechanism - self healing. And so we are back to energy healing. The wheel has gone full circle.

We have to conclude then that there is only one true form of healing - life energy healing. All disease and illness are the result of disturbed energy in the bodies own energy anatomy which is:
  • The chakras which are the power centers of the body. When they are out of balance so is the whole body. Have a look at how chakras can be balanced with the Nu-Me pendant in the video below.
  • The aura is the energy field surrounding the body. It extends for some feet and its color is dictated by spiritual, emotional and physical states. All dis-ease is held here as energetic disturbances. The aura is also affected by EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Geopathic stress. See how a live cell phone sends the aura into chaos on the video. Some people are able to see auras. Auras can also been seen by using Kirlian photography and bio-feedback aura imaging technology.
  • Meridians are the body's energy channels. There are several large meridians and hundreds of smaller ones. One of the major meridians runs down the front of the body from crown to base chakra. Another runs up the back from base to crown. Taoists have a meditation that circulates life energy (prana, chi, ki) through these channels.

Aura- testing the Nu-Me pendant

Eastern cultures, which have a holistic approach to healing, have understood and used life energy healing for thousands of years.

In the west the acceptance that life energy is in fact "life" and can be used to heal at a causal (deepest) level has been slower. It was Wilhelm Reich, who discovered what he called Orgone which is merely life energy under another title. He discovered a way to move energy and made healing boxes called Orgone accumulators which people sat inside, often producing remarkable healing results. He was, however, ahead of his time and sixty years farther on his work is still not understood - or accepted.

The p.e.bal which uses Reich's technology, with the addition of programmed crystals to balance any unbalanced energy, used in conjunction with any form of energy healing boosts that healing modality and life energy flows to its highest potential. This, of course, can create remarkable results.

Margie Slinger


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