What are the Solfeggio Frequencies and how do they relate to the chakra system?

What are the Solfeggio Frequencies and how do they relate to the chakra system?

I suspect that some of you reading this article might know about the chakra system and some will also have heard of the Solfeggio frequencies. I also suspect there will be fewer people who are aware that the two subjects are very closely connected and that you can directly map each Solfeggio frequency to each of our chakra centres.

What is a chakra?

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word that means "wheel" A chakra is a vortex of energy within our body located at one of 7 major points along our spine. They are said to be like transformers allowing energy of a higher frequencies / dimensions to down-shift to our physical body.

So there are seven chakras within the chakra system, and each one has a different physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual significance. The seven chakras run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each of the seven chakras corresponds with nerve centres within the body.


All our chakras are aligned with each other and are all connected. This is why imbalances in one chakra can create an imbalance in another. Similarly, when a chakra is balanced, the other chakras can more easily fall into balance themselves. 

What are The Solfeggio Frequencies?

We have some good information about the Solfeggio frequencies here but to summarise they are a scale of related frequencies shown to have powerful healing effects for human conditions – at the physical level as well as the emotional and mental levels.

The Solfeggio healing scale starts at the frequency of 396 Hz (or cycles per second) and there are another 6 frequencies that are linked to specific healing effects. They ascend with an interval of 111 in the Pythagorean system (9 rolls over to 1) so we have 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, and 963.

These healing frequencies are within the audible range and musicians have created music around them to create “healing music” in line with the original Gregorian chants used previously by the Catholic monks (shut down and censored by Pope Gregory btw).

We use the Solfeggio frequencies with the QSB, which delivers them as scalar waves. See here 

What is the Connection?

The connection is rather simple and profound. The Solfeggio frequencies map from 396 to the base chakra and then upwards. Take a look at the chart below to see these connections.

Each chakra is associated with body parts and mental/emotional issues. It will not surprise some readers that people experiencing the issues often have physical problems related to the associated body parts.

The amazing thing is that the corresponding Solfeggio frequency to the chakra can help a person heal the physical conditions relating to the chakra. With the QSB’s Solfeggio frequencies emitted as scalar waves, this allows the emotional / mental causes behind the physical conditions to be more effectively targeted.

The Conclusion.

Ancient wisdom pertaining to the energetic centres of our body (chakras) and frequencies with the power to heal can be combined with modern technology to take us to the next level of healing and healing devices.

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