What are the best ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation?

What are the best ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation?

Non ionising radiation from Wi-Fi is causes havoc in the body. It is used without thought or consideration in schools, universities, colleges, homes, work and public places. Wi-Fi radiation is reaching epidemic proportions and climbing!

Can anything be done to protect yourself from Wi-Fi? 

There are some simple ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation. Hardwire your Internet connection by using an Ethernet cable for your computer connection to avoid radio frequency radiation exposures. Don’t forget to disable the built-in Wi-Fi on your computer once you have an Ethernet connection.

If you do keep your Wi-Fi router make sure that you turn it off at night and when you are not using it. Stick a note up on your fridge or somewhere prominent to remind you until you have got into the good habit of doing this. Have a friendly word with your neighbours, who will no doubt have Wi-Fi that is affecting you, to turn off their Wi-Fi at night or when not in use too.

Turn off the Wi-Fi on your cell phone when you are not using it. 

Downloading data onto your computer using Wi-Fi increases the radiation so keep away from your computer while this is happening.
Wi-Fi is now available in many public places like airports, coffee shops and even for use in open city/town areas. Try and avoid these places if you can. But this will be a big ask so at least limit the time you spend in them. 

Make sure that you have a p.e.bal on hand and don’t forget to wear your Nu-Me protective pendant when around Wi-Fi and any form of electromagnetic radiation.

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