Negater Shell

EMF protection and energy balancing gentle enough for babies.

">EMF protection and energy balancing with beauty. Designed from a real shell it as lovely as only nature can be. Its shape invites you to hold it which is very calming. This is a very personal device even though its protective field of 9m (9 yards approx.) radius is large enough to protect your home or equivalent area in a work place. You can easily carry it from one to the other so that you have protection where ever you are. 

Ideal for the insomniac, it tucks under your pillow. Keep your baby or little ones safe by putting it nearby. It really does get rid of those horrendous night terrors in children and adults. 

Prevent Electromagnetic radiation playing havoc with your life and health with our extensively tested Negater Shell. With our 30day, no questions no quibbles, money back guarantee you can try it for yourself. Hold it and you’re hooked! 



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Are you or your family experiencing any of these symptoms? They are the symptoms of exposure to EMF radiation.

• Headaches 
• stress 
• Irritability 
• Fatigue 
• Depression 
• Insomnia 
• Poor memory 
• brain fog. 
• Rashes 
• Dryness behind eyes and in the throat. 
• Swelling of mucus membranes such as nose, throat, ears and sinuses without any infectious cause 
• Flu-like symptoms without developing into influenza. 
• Aches and pains in muscles and joints 
• Nausea 
• Sexual difficulties 
• Shortness of breath 
• Dizziness 
• Cardiac palpitations 
• cancer 

If you are then you need to make a wise choice about radiation protection products. But then you wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t doing just that. 

Less powerful than the p.e.bal The Negater Shell harmonizes negative energy fields including electromagnetic radiation more slowly which makes it especially appealing to children and those that are energy sensitive. This however does not compromise its protection and balancing efficiency. 

It is so beautifully crafted that you will hardly believe it is more than a gorgeous piece of art. In polished pewter it is 6.5 x 6cm (2.55” x 2.36”) and has a protective field of 9m (9 yards approx.) radius which is big enough to protect your home or workplace. 

• You will love holding the Negater shell, it very calming – and will also help you drift to sleep. 

• Is safe for babies and children and is proven in stopping night terrors. 

• The Negater Shell will protect you, your family and work-mates with is big protective field of 9m (9 yards approx.) radius. 

• It is transportable without wires or batteries. 

• Needing no maintenance the Negater shell is cost effective EMF protection. 

• An ideal present for those that have artistic taste but may or may not be aware of the dangers of EMF radiation and unbalanced energy! 

All our radiation protection products have been tested 

See our testing here………. 

And you are covered by our 30 day, no questions no quibble, money back guarantee. We want YOU to know that you are getting the very best and that there are no obstacles in the way of you proving it. 

All Life Energy designs Ltd products are individually made, and are not factory produced, so each item is as unique as we are. Enjoy the care and joy that went into the production of each one.

Negater shell

Negater shell

Negater Shell - shell-shaped balancing & EMF Protection device.
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I live the United States in New Jersey. I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your product is, as if you didn't already know. My teenager was having night terrors for quite some time. So I decided to search on the internet for something to help. I came across your website and read about your products. After reading your website, I noticed that we have a cell tower not far from our house and the amount of electronics in our home; I decided to purchase the Negater Shell. I have to say it is wonderful - he has not had a night terror in approximately 7 months. He is getting restful sleep and so am I, since I don't have to worry about him waking.

Since, I have purchased the p.e.bal for our home and the lovely p.e.bal key chain. I guess I am writing mostly to thank you. So THANK YOU!! Very Satisfied Customer Kristin Young, USA

Our guarantee

We want you to rest assured that these devices are genuine, are high-quality, and work. To that end, we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund your money (excluding any postage costs) providing you return the product within 30 days. It must be returned in its original condition, with all its packaging, and with proof of purchase.

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