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April News (3) * Limited Edition Clearance - Nu-Me Skinny Square, * What do insomnia, depression and memory loss have in common?, * Frequently asked question, * Win a set of three Zen Stones. Life Energy News April 2017 (3)
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"What is real?"

This week's special offer is for the last fifteen special edition Square skinny pendants. There will be no more - ever - so don't delay in getting an absolute bargain. Did you enter our last competition? If you did have you checked to see if you won a P.e.bal or Chi-Shell? They haven't been claimed yet! There is also a great new competition to win a set of Zen stones worth $239. Our frequently asked question is about cell phone radiation - a big concern right now. And if you aren't sleeping, feel under the weather, have the blues or your poor memory is getting you down, our video blog is a must watch. Someone  also had something to say about smart meters - very interesting. .


insomnia, depression and memory loss have in common.

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Frequently asked question.
Q. Does the Ki-bal keyring protect against cell phone radiation? Does it cover all that the cell phone sticker does

A. These devices fulfill different functions in that the Ki-bal creates a dynamic field that will protect you against EMF, whilst the RadiSafe is more specifically designed to reduce the heating of your head when you effectively microwave your brain during a cell or cordless phone conversation.  The RadiSafe will offer some general EMF protection but this is not their strong point.

Win a set of three Zen Stones
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Having your say.

We had exactly the same experience with the removal of our (not so) smart meter!  We had ......read more.....

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