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April News * If you have a daughter in a school where Wi-Fi is installed - YOU MUST WATCH THIS, * We are introducing the new versatile ways of the Nu-Me Natty/Snappy, * Countdown to meeting us in Waipu, * The QSB is causing a stir * Having your say, * Ask us a question, * 9 seconds P.e.bals now available, * Win a Zen stone - 3 PRIZE WINNERS Life Energy News April 2018
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Newsflash: 9 seconds P.e.bals available NOW

If you have a daughter in a school where Wi-Fi i installed


Sometimes we are a bit slow. It took Jo to put two and two together to make four so to speak. We have often had people ponder about the Snappy versus the Natty, they wanted the best of both with the ability to wear the Nu-Me around their neck or their wrist as their mood dictated. Jo came up with the solution - combine the two.

We are introducing the new versatile ways of the Nu-Me Natty/Snappy

With this offer.

It is a launch price and will last for one week only

Designed for children - worn by adults.

Countdown to meeting us in Waipu.

See event details here

Places are limited because there will be a live QSB experience. So, book early if you want to come.

If you can't make it but want us to visit your area, and can help organize an event, email  david@life-energy.org

The QSB is causing a stir

Discount is available to our Newsletter readers - get 15% off by using the code QSBfifteen.  The upgrade pack worth $199 is included fr*ee. 

Having your say

"Loving the QSB I purchased from you recently. My insomnia of the last 5 years has completely disappeared since the first night I started using it, as has my digestive issue. Quite miraculous and instant!!!!" Lisa S, Lower Hutt.

Ask us a question

Q. Is it possible to put solfeggio frequencies into water. Could you do it with other liquids, such as improving wine for example?

A.   Yes most definitely. All our drinking water it "treated" by a P.e.bal and we are certainly aware of the improvements. This is most apparent, now we have taken the taste for granted, when we drink water while out.

We now use the QSB to put frequencies into water and drink this daily. This has remarkable healing effects as others have also testified. There are many posts on our forum on this subject. People are having a great time experimenting and enjoying.

As for wine we haven't done any testing - yet! Let us know how you get on if you try it, we can compare notes and share it with our readers. Turning water into wine might be too big an ask though.

9 seconds P.e.bals now available

Win a Zen stone - 3 PRIZE WINNERS

Here's to your Good health,

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