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April News (4) * LOWEST PRICE EVER, ONE WEEK ONLY FOR PACK OF 4 RADISAFE PHONE SHIELDS, * Scientific evidence shows our brains are being fried, * Mother's Day - Everyday. Nu-Me Skinny Tri-Curl Special offer - Discount and a FR*EE gift, * Having your say, * Win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal, * Ask us a question. Life Energy News April 2018 (4)

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

English proverb

No matter what care we take of our health, how we change our life style, how many healing modalities we try or use they will all be undermined by Electromagnetic radiation. As conscripts into this great experiment, where human life is of secondary importance to making Mega bucks, a few lives lost is unimportant. We are expendable. Although people are waking up to the immense danger EMF presents to living things, the majority are still asleep. Sadly. We can't expect help or support in this huge assault as those that rule, oversee, and care for us, because they are largely in denial. Go to the doctor with EMF radiation symptoms and you will likely leave thinking that it is physiological . Not true. EMF symptoms are serious and real. The only sure way we can take care of ourselves is to do it ourselves.




Scientific evidence shows our brains are being fried.

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Nu-Me Skinny Tri-Curl

Special offer


Having your say

The popularity of the QSB is accelerating at a rate we can hardly keep up with. Having great feedback like this shows us why.

I mainly purchased a QSB for my insomnia, as I have major problems with sleeping. Has been a major issue in my life for many years. I have tried everything imaginable.

Under recommendation I have the QSB on a timer for when I go to bed for 70 minutes and again in the morning before I rise. The results happened on the first night.

I now look forward to bedtime instead of dreading each evening. Had forgotten how a good night's sleep felt. I am a different person already and its only been a week.

Want to know more about the QSB or buy one? Go here.....

Win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal

Ask us a question

Q. If we buy Nu-Me protective pendants, will it interfere with other emf protection devices such as the P.e.bal, the ki-Bal, the Negater shell, Zen stones (hope, love, and peace) or any other protection devices?
Do you recommend we wear the pendants AND extra emf protection devices like the devices I mentioned above? 
If so, which products do you recommend for two adults in a big house to have/wear?

A. None of our devices interfere with each other. In fact, you can never have too much protection. Unless you have extremely high EMF in your home a Nu-Me pendant is enough. But remember they are only designed as personal protection, if you want to protect anyone else while they are in your home then a p.e.bal, Peace or Love Zen stone would be great. These will also help if you suffer from insomnia.

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