August News (2)

August News (2) * Get your 20%discount on ALL products, * P.e.bal offer, * Nu-Me Confidential pendant offer with silver snake chain, * 3 winners of Nu-Me confidential protective pendants, * Win a new Tri-Curl skinny Nu-Me pendant, * Win a Chi-Shell Life Energy News August 2016 (2)
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> P.e.bal offer.   
> 3 winners of Nu-Me confidential protective pendants.
> Win a new Tri-Curl skinny Nu-Me Pendant.
> Win a Chi-Shell.
> All orders receive a FR*EE solfeggio embedded crystal pendant!
Big Week Bonanza

20% discount

Off all products*

By using discount code


*This offer is for one week until 22nd August  and can't be used with any other discounts or offers.

Now is the time when you can buy the things on your wish list because for one week we are giving 20% off - EVERYTHING.

You can pass this saving on to your family and friends - but be sure to tell them that the offer expires in one week.
P.e.bal does much more than help you sleep

It is always great to hear from you - makes our day.  When we received the following email from Connie it warmed our hearts that we could provide assistance at a very difficult time.

"When I was having severe muscle spasms in my knee and thigh before surgery (and even after), I put the p.e.bal directly on the area and in about 30 or so minutes, it actually diminished the spasms to a very tolerable degree of which I did not expect and stopped a trip to my local E/R.  

I have also been feeling out of sorts you might say from time to time, and I just hold the p.e.bal in my hand and within a short time, I always feel much better than before.  

And also one time, my younger brother (who has to sleep sitting up in a recliner due to health problems) didn't know it but I placed my p.e.bal in our living room where he was located and I have never heard him snore so loudly in my life and he even commented that he had never slept better!  HONEST, and I didn't tell him either!  

Don't know what is in this thing you invented but it DOES WORK FOR ME!  (I have also purchased the natty necklace and us it when I leave the house.)  I affirm by both of them they do the job and do it well for me and my family.

I'm a p.e.bal believer. My p.e.bal I will tell you helps me sleep at night, even in my greatest pain in which I am unable to withstand pain medications.  I greatly appreciate this most treasured of purchases to date.  I will shop again soon". Connie Reise, USA

Connie is still recovering and your healing, prayers and thoughts would help her greatly. We are thinking of you Connie - sending our love - and hugs - get well soon. 

If you want to share your story and brighten our lives email or or  Of course as you know it is very competitive here in the Life Energy office, as to whose ego is fed by getting the most mail!  The loser also has to make the coffee!
Special P.e.bal offer to help you

To help your own protective, healing journey we have put together this special package.



A fr*ee RadiSafe phone shield


Worth $178

Use the discount code LE10116

This offer is for one week only until 22nd August and can't be used with any other discounts or offers.If you want to pass this offer on to family or friends that need a little extra help that is fine with us. The more people that benefit the better.

"My grandson Shon was admitted to Starship Hospital (Auckland children's hospital) last month with a serious head injury. Initially it was not known whether he was going to survive or not.

I felt to take in my p.e.bal and put it beside his bed. Very quickly he stabilised. The doctors said he would need two weeks recovery time. Shon put the p.e.bal beside him in his bed and handled it all the time. He was well enough to be discharged just one week after the accident to the surprise of the doctors.

Both Shon and myself are convinced that the p.e.bal helped in his recovery and we believe that the other children in the ward benefited too. I have given Shon the p.e.bal and will be sending for my replacement soon". C. Johnston, NZ
Recent study provides concrete evidence that EMF signals from cell phone towers can cause pain.?

Have you ever wondered if the thousands of cell phone towers and electromagnetic signals radiating all around us can be a potential harm to you and the environment? If you have then you are not alone.  Some people are now so effected by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) they have to move to homes and areas designed to insulate them from these signals.  Just because these things are not part of our normal perception does not mean that as energetic beings they are harmless.

A study, by members of the University of Dallas, Texas, completed recently gives solid evidence that these waves can actually stimulate nerve endings in amputees, that have been traumatically damaged, causing them pain.
This is the first study of its kind to find that absorbing cell tower radiation can be linked to immediate physical changes in our body.
The bulk of research before this study into cell tower radiation dealt with subjects who had no pre-existing serious health issues or conditions.

When a veteran, who, whilst in Iraq, became disabled with the loss... Read more

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Winners of the Nu-Me Confidential pendant competition.

Congratulations Linda Mandela, Virginia Hunt and Susan Kotraba you have each won yourself a Nu-Me confidential pendant. Let us know whether you want an Elan, Zing or Pizazz and send us the address you want it mailing to by emailing

If you didn't win have a look at the special price deal for a Nu-Me confidential pendant with a silver snake chain.  And don't forget to enter our competition to win a Nu-Me skinny Tri-Curl with a runner-up prize of a Chi-Shell.

"i have the Nu Me Zing, and every one i meet is always interested about my new pendant and i do not need to explain what it is unless i wish to, i would love to win this pendent for my sister who is very spiritual and she loves my pendent so feel it would be a lovely surprise for her. (Entry for our free prize draw) 

i wear mine every day and noticed the benefits straight away, i work as a nurse with cancer patients and that can be drawing my energies so i find i go home not so exhausted and i find i am not so drawn into the environment politics as much as before which is a massive bonus!! 

love your products". J, New Zealand