August News (2)

August News (2) * Switch and Swop, Twice the protection with Snappy/Natty offer, * We now have teal Natty cases!, * Children's play-time could be bad for their health, * Ask us a Question, * Lots of RadiSafe phone shields to win, * Jo hard at work. Life Energy News August 2017 (2)
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This week's offer gives you lots of options and twice the protection! It takes boring out of protection and gives your kids - and you - something cool to wear in two completely different ways.

The way our kids use their play time could be bad for their health. Watch our video to see why.

If we block EMF we stop our devises and electrical equipment working. So how do we protect ourselves from Electromagnetic radiation? If you have a question - ask us.

Have you entered our competition there are LOTS of RadiSafe phone shields to be won? And if you have ever wondered how dynamic we are at L.E.D. have a look at Jo packing orders immediately they arrive!  




We now have teal Natty cases!.

See them here

Children's play-time could be bad for their health.

Watch here
Or read here

Ask a question

Q. Do you have any videos of tests you've run with a gauss meter or tri-field meters?

A. The nature of this technology is that it doesn't block EMF or reduce its quantity (which these instruments will show) - rather it changes its "quality". The quality in question is the chaotic/random nature of the radiation which the body finds hard to assimilate and so causes stress. This is by far the best approach as blocking technology would interfere with the effectiveness of many technologies and it is very hard to do without Faraday cages or similar.
The best way of testing the efficacy of our technology is bio-feedback as the body is what is responding negatively to this radiation so querying it can tell us if our solution is effective or not. Fortunately, there are a number of bio-feedback technologies coming onto the market to easily measure the stress in the body caused by EMF so can also show the relief provided by our technology.

You can see some of the testing we have done here

You can also do a simple balance / strength test to prove that our products are working for you. See how to do it here

Lots of RadiSafe phone shields to win

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