August News (3)

August News (3) * Offer ends today to protect your pets and yourself for less, * A doggie tale, * Breaking News, * Having your say about the QSB, * Become an affiliate, * Sorry you missed our Live QSB webinar, it was informative and fun, * Win a Life Energy Healing Wand - 2 runner-up prizes of Izits (Muscle Testers). Life Energy News August 2018 (3)
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Unraveling Insomnia - Why we don't sleep, and how we can.

Good-bye P.e.bals, but Some seconds still available





Buy two Natty Pets and receive a fr*ee cord so that you can wear one yourself - the Natty Pet has the same protective field as the Nu-Me Natty and is smart enough for Humans to wear as well.

A doggie tale 

All dogs are different. They have the basic instincts of the breed, and then there is way they are treated and trained. It's not fair to judge them as all the same.

When Jackie, first a customer and then a friend from way back, bought a Rottweiler puppy he knew of their reputation. After all the breed had been originally used hundreds of years ago to guard sheep from bears and other such animals. So....
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Breaking News 

The P.e.bal has been with us for a long time. It was a technological upgrade from our original Negater which are still around and doing their job well, albeit slowly compared to the P.e.bal.

But now the technology in the P.e.bal is slow compared to our later products like the Zen stones and Ki-bal. But it is still a big favourite. So, we are updating it to keep up with the advances in EMF - 5G. It will be more powerful and even more beautiful.

Watch this space to see when the New P.e.bal arrives.

We are now out of stock of p.e.bals, but:



We only have a small stock of heavily discounted seconds P.e.bals, but are putting no restrictions on quantity per order. It is strictly first come first served until we have sold out. Then there will be no more!

Having your say about the QSB.

I have four people seriously looking at buying the QSB, and I have had wonderful feedback from all four of them. They experienced it in our home and fell in love with it.

One of them had severe problems in her left arm. I am not sure exactly what she had, but her doctors said it was like her blood vessels were flat in her left arm. During her test drive of the QSB, the circulation in her left arm came back so strongly that it felt normal again, she was totally amazed. I asked today if it's holding and she said not as much as it was, but it's significantly better, and she definitely wants to buy a QSB

Another person said that she experienced an amazing clearance of her sinuses. She also has IBS, and her digestive system has improved after one session. 

A third person, recently widowed, cried out of sheer joy, not because a physical pain had left her, but just because she felt so happy!

The fourth person said she felt profoundly relaxed, something that is hard for her.

Those are the most dramatic things that those four people have noticed.  This is so exciting!  Everyone experienced something really good for themselves.

Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, Expert Career-and-Life Coaching Since 1979, USA

Become an Affiliate.

If you are as excited about the QSB as Sheila, then you can spread the word by becoming an affiliate. It is really, really easy, and will give you some money monthly too.

We invite you to Join the QSB affiliate program:

Sorry you missed our Live QSB webinar, it was informative and fun.

If you have ever missed a good night's sleep and wasn't able to be part of our live webinar Unraveling Insomnia -Why we don't sleep, and how we can, then you mustn't miss our replay. Lots of questions were asked and answered - there may be one you have that's included.

Go here to see the replay.

Win a Life Energy Healing Wand - 2 runner-up prizes of Izits (Muscle Testers).

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