December News (3)

December News (3)

* 6 crystal pendants for only $18, * Kibal and/or Chi-Shell with FR*EE credit card blockers, * Silver Nu-Me, a P.e.bal with FR*EE RadiSafe phone shields & much, much, more, * Christmas gift ideas, * Are you in the Christmas spirit?, * Stocking fillers from $10, * Win a P.e.bal.


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> Stocking fillers from $10
> Win a P.e.bal
Silly Santa Sale - For 4 days only

6 great little assorted crystal pendants

Embedded with scalar waves

Only $18 ($3 each)

Worth $48

Fabulous little gifts and stocking fillers.  They come with cords and in a gift bag.
Great last minute gifts

For 4 days only

A Ki-bal or Chi-Shell

Plus two FR*EE credit card blockers

Only $69
For 4 days only

Two Ki-bals or Chi-Shells

Or a Ki-bal and a  Chi-Shell

With four FR*EE credit card blockers

Only $119
Are you in the Christmas Spirit?

Christmas is a funny time - and I don't necessarily mean fun-ny. I don't even know if Christmas is politically correct any more! Has it been relabelled "Holiday Season" so that no one is offended? Seems strange to me... read more.....
Gifts and stocking fillers that show you care.
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