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January News * MAJOR CLEARANCE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY- LAST REMAINING SLIGHT SECONDS PEBALS - LOWEST PRICE EVER, * Further discounts on multibuys, Life Energy News January 2019
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*Originals - not new POWER P.e.bals

This is the final clearance of all remaining stock of the p.e.bal and is for one week only or while stock lasts. Stock is limited, and it is strictly first come first served. There is a multibuy discount but this offer can not be used with any other discount code.

We wish you all a smooth road ahead in 2019 without bumps or potholes.
Here at LED we are gearing up for an exciting 2019. It has already started with a flood of orders as people start to really wake up about the dangers of EMF. The awareness of the health dangers that 5G presents is wide-spread. Even those who previously had their heads in the sand about EMF are opening their eyes with concern. 

We have lots planned for 2019, new products are at this very moment being designed. You will be the first to know about them of course as always. We are planning new, regular live Webinars about EMF and related subjects on health and wellbeing. These will offer us the opportunity to get together with you and all our customers/friends so that we can all learn, discuss and grow on these subjects together. 

The QSB has been accepted into the market place with open arms. We are excited and humbled by this. As you know we can take little credit for its birth as we were helped and guided every step of the way. The time is right, it is much needed in these turbulent times that are so challenging to mankind and our planet. Another reorder is at this moment being manufactured, here in New Zealand, to keep up with demand. 

 The year ahead will probably not be plain sailing for any of us, in as much as providing all exactly as we want but, with trust, we will get everything in our own  best interest. Maybe 2019 will have situations that help us grow in understanding, wisdom and patience. Maybe it will have dark moments that will pass into a brightness that's dazzling in contrast and which fills our hearts with gratitude. Every year has tears and laughter. In 2019 let laughter be more dominant.
We at LED hope to travel the road of 2019 with you. We are here for you as always, only an email or call away.

2019 offers us all endless possibilities - we just have to keep our eyes, ears, minds and hearts open, so we don't miss them.

Have a fabulous year.

Happy New Year,

Margie, David, Jo and Naomi 

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