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January News (4) * 5 only slight seconds Nu-Me pendants left, * More experts blame EMF radiation for chronic disease, * What is happening with the QSB, * Ask us a question, * Last day to enter our competition to win a Silver Skinny Nu-Me pendant with a second prize of a P.e.bal. Life Energy News January 2018 (3)
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Nu-Me Pendants


These are energetically perfect with lower than ever prices. It is strictly first come first served with no restrictions on quantity, so please don't be disappointed by missing out.

More experts blame EMF radiation for chronic disease.

With the advance of 5G wireless technology and smart meters being fitted to many houses worldwide, healthcare professionals such as Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD are becoming more and more concerned about the threat that EMF pollution is posing.
EMF's or electromagnetic fields are still considered to be one of the health issues of our age that is overlooked even by many healthcare providers.
Over the past few decades there is..... read more.....

What is Happening with the QSB

The QSB community is growing and are sharing. Discussions are getting more involved about ingesting frequencies embedded in water using the QSB, and the beneficial results people are getting. We are all learning and growing together - lovely feeling.

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Ask us a question .

QI bought a Nu-Me pendant and accidentally wore it while having static energy therapy. Did the high voltage static electricity damaged the pendant?

AThis is a new one for us. Usually we get emails about them going for a ride in a washing machine.

The good news is there is no mechanism in the Nu-Me which would be damaged by static electricity so your Nu-Me is all good.

Last day to enter our competition to win a Silver Skinny Nu-Me pendant with a second prize of a P.e.bal.

This competion will be drawn tomorrow so watch out to see if you are a winner which will be announced in our next newsletter. There are also some unclaimed prizes, so you may have already won something. Check out here....

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