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Did you win?

Congratulations to our two prize draw winners:

Winner of the P.e.bal is Bill Nyentap

Winner of the Ki-bal is Becca Kaup

Will you both please send your mailing address to jo@life-energy.org

We still have some unclaimed prize-draw-prizes that haven't been claimed so Check here....

Next week there will be a new prize draw to enter so watch this space........

Didn't win and feeling down about it?

If you really need a Ki-bal or P.e.bal and didn't win one:



Save $$$$$$$ with our slight seconds that are energetically perfect and do a super job.

QSB update

Due to unforeseen circumstances our live webinar is delayed

Our first live webinar has unfortunately had to be delayed because David has a herniated disc, more commonly known as a slipped disc. What ever name it's given doesn't make it any less painful though. And frustrating. It happened when he was digging holes to plant trees. His body didn't like the new exertion - it was used to him sitting at a desk or work bench. It was a "What the hell are you doing Mate" moment. Lesson learned - but a bit too late.

David is of course not only running the solfeggio frequencies on his QSB but also custom frequencies that he has dowsed are beneficial for his healing. He says that he will keep everyone posted on the forum of his progress.

So, we are still working on the webinar and I hope to give you dates next week. We are planning two date options at different times to accommodate whatever time zone you are in. You can then join us live and participate if you want to.

Keep safe,

Margie, David, Jo and Naomi
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