March News (2)

March News (2) * LAST CHANCE - 3 Nu-Me Shell Pendants at half price with FR*EE Silver Snake Chain, * Having your say, * EMF protection wide open, * What is the best emf protection, * Win a Zen stone - 3 PRIZE WINNERS, * The QSB takes Life Energy Designs into a new direction - join us, * Want to know about the QSB Life Energy News March (1) 2018

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What is EMF?

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3 Nu-Me Shell Pendants


With FR*EE Silver Snake Chain

There are only 3 left - there will be no more. They are perfect and stunning pieces of jewellery that won't be repeated because of soaring silver costs.

Having your say

I would like to say thank you for my Nu-Me pendant and P.e.bal feel very comfortable and totally at ease with myself. As soon as I put it on I felt this great warmth come over me and the negative energy that was around me totally disappeared instantly. People around me can feel the energy and when they come close to me they feel at ease with themselves.

I also now see gold flashes of light around me and to see that I know I'm totally protected. I thank you so very much and now I'm thinking about buying the larger pendant for myself for extra protection when I go out to places. I came across this by accident and I am very glad I did.

I thank you very much and I will be placing another very soon. Shane, Australia.

EMF protection wide open

Here at Life Energy Designs we have a unique insight and perspective as a result of direct experience with life-energy, which we can effectively manipulate using derivatives of Reich's technology and even create (more correctly convert from electrical energy) using   Tesla's technology. We are therefore quite confident to present to you some simple truths about life-energy and how it relates to the human condition. So here they are in bullet form:

1) We are an energetic system emerging from and dependent on the vast field .... read the whole article here.

What is the best emf protection?

Completely overwhelmed about EMF protection? Don't even know where to start sorting out your needs to solve your EMF problem? Have a look here, we have compiled this comparison chart to take the head-ache out of making a choice.

Win a Zen stone - 3 PRIZE WINNERS

The QSB takes Life Energy Designs into a new direction - join us.

See event details here

Places are limited because there will be a live QSB experience. So, book early if you want to come.

If you can't make it but want us to visit your area, and can help organize an event, email

Want to know about the QSB?

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