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May News (2) * The link between EMF and insomnia. Fact or Fiction, * Today lowest price ever pack of 4 RadiSafe phone shields finishes, * EMF radiation from cell phones is disputed by the cell phone manufacturers, * QSB Update, * Having your say, * Win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal. Life Energy News May 2018 (2)
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The link between EMF and insomnia.

Fact not Fiction





E M F radiation from cell phones is disputed by the cell phone manufacturers .

read the article here.....

QSB update

Every day we get news about how the QSB is helping people and their animals. It is so heartening. It spurs us on to get the QSB out into the world.

The results with animals has been astounding, but then animals don't have the resistance and baggage that humans have do they?

Here is some great feedback from a professional working with animals:

"I had been working with this Cocker Spaniel for 2 weeks. When he came to me he was biting everybody and completely out of control. I had gotten him to the point where he had stopped biting but was still very agitated and barking at everyone non-stop. I gave him three sessions with the QSB and he is now completely placid and even-tempered - Amazing!!" Deb - Animal Communicator Australia.

If you already have a QSB and want to help those in need get one too - email

Having your say

I bought the Nu-me protective pendant a few weeks ago and I have noticed a huge difference in my life. I never take it off (except to shower). The first week I did share it with my flatmate until her one arrived. Her shoulder and back pain completely went away. She had just come back from a trip to Germany and had been affected by the flight.

Anyway, I wanted to say a huge thank you for what you do and the difference your products make. Wonderful service also.

If you have anything you want to say, share, or educate us about, email, it is always great hearing from you.

Win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal

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