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Special Christmas offer


With FR*EE 4 pack of RadiSafe phone shields

Discounts on our Kinesiology and Dowsing tools

The Izit
With full instructions on how to use

Crystal pendulums
embeded with scalar waves
With full instructions on how to use.

Have HOPE stone - will travel.

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Having your say.

I received the peace stone. If I'm not mistaken, it is the same oval shape as some ancient stadiums. I placed it in my new kitchen.

Something about my kitchen felt energetically incorrect. It seemed to take a few minutes before the stone seemed to fix it.  I sensed this same thing with objects as well. Place one of your devices next to something that feels off and it takes a moment to fix it.

I will say there is a way to develop that kind of energy sensitivity. Learn the Quantum Techniques self muscle testing method and practice it daily. It started to scare me after it developed it in me.  

Andrew Richardson, USA

Winner of a Skinny Copper Nu-Me pendant.
Congratulations Talia Thornley you have won a Copper Skinny Nu-Me of your choice. Email with your shipping address and which design you want.
Disappointed that you didn't win? Enter our draw to win a silver Skinny Nu-Me with a second prize of a p.e.bal. Two chances to win. Two great prizes.

Win a silver Nu-Me pendant with a second prize of a Pe.bal.

Ask us a question.

Q. I am inquiring about the P.e.bal pyramid. Does it need to be grounded like the shieldite rocks? Also, are the engravings on it zodiac signs? Thanks for your help!
A.   The p.e.bal does not need to be grounded at all. The markings are symbols to represent the intent of the device. We have steered clear of standard symbols as they frequently mean different things to different people. Two of the symbols we use have been used by the Hopi native Americans and stand for healing and protection. The other two represent infinite love, and the life force.

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