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November News Win a Snappy and Spare set of Bands Easy present buying with Big savings What else can a Snappy do?

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Win a Snappy and Spare set of Bands

Easy present buying with Big savings

What else can a Snappy do?






Can pre- Christmas stress spoil the festivities and even put your health at risk? The rush, crush and commercial hype we kind of take for granted, I know that I do, but when I read this article in the UK Daily Mail on the 20th November I was shocked.  Does Christmas shopping really have this effect on us?   



 "Our wallets will not be

the only thing suffering as we buy presents this Christmas. The mind and body will also be put under dangerous levels of stress, a study has fou

nd. Christmas shopping increased blood pressure to dangerous levels in 50 per cent of shoppers. This can lead to hypertension, which can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems.  



This can lead to hypertension, which can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems. Even low levels of hypertension are linked with migraines, panic attacks and osteoporosis.  


Heart rates increased by an average of 10 per cent during Christmas shopping, University of East London in partnership with Moneysupermarket Shopping found.  


Their researchers asked 15 men and 15 women to purchase a variety of gifts within 75 minutes. Men felt twice as stressed post shopping, while women were almost three times as stressed.


Rob Barnes, of Moneysupermarket Shopping, said: 'The results show why more consumers than ever are putting their feet up and shopping online."


After reading this I am Christmas shopping on my computer with a cup of tea. Or maybe I'll even go the whole hog and start Christmas early with a glass of wine.



Christmas discounted deals to take the stress out of shopping     


xmas 2011 We really want to make Christmas easy for you and your pocket so we have put together some great deals that will save you money plus allow you to cross more than one person off your present list. Together we can make Christmas easy! 







Have a look at them here


Cannot be combined with any other special offer.



Snappy's aren't only for Kids! 


Snappy Family

Like all Nu-Me technology Snappy does much more than protect from EMF as Annwyn here in New Zealand kindly told us.


"2 years ago I very badly damaged my left elbow. Broken in 6 places and dislocated. Screws are holding it together. I have had to have constant treatment on it to keep it moving and the pain manageable. I have been wearing a snappy on that arm for 2 weeks now and I have noticed a large improvement in the flexibility and strength and it doesn't seem to hurt as much.  Soooo well done this is great for me."  


We so love to hear from you. It makes us feel less isolated in our first floor offices, that are really glorified broom cupboards with windows. Your contact includes us in your lives and worlds and makes what we do worthwhile. So break our isolation and email or  we can then get competitive to see who gets most mail and is most popular!!  


Must just add that today I used my Snappy to take the pain away from having a blood test done by a butcher. Or maybe it was Dracula with a needle and in drag!




Win a Snappy and a Spare Set of Bands


This month's competition could kick start your Christmas present list - a Snappy and a spare set of bands - colours of your choice.


The simple question is "Snappy bands come in how many colours?"

Have a look here for some help


Answers to


The winner of a p.e.bal and RadiSafe Xmas Combo.  

logo Congratulations Willy and Bev Williamson you are the lucky winners of this competition. Please let us have the address that you would like them mailing to.  


Those of you that didn't win have a go this month - it could be your turn to be pulled out of the hat. You know what they say "You have to be in to win"!


Smart Meters - Our right to Choose



Smart Meters has been hailed as the new eco-friendly device, making the planet "greener" by reducing waste and carbon footprint. The wireless Meter reads your household power consumption and transmits this data 6-8minutes constantly to your Power Company, thus reducing the need for monthly visits by contractors reading electricity meters in our homes.

The Smart Meter also claims to lower your electricity bills by letting you know exactly how much you're using ('real time') and how much you're paying, this can prompt people to reduce power consumption at will.

But not everyone is jumping on board this eco-train..  



 Read more here... 


If you have any thoughts or experience of smart meters that you would like to share email 

Some Christmas smiles with more than an element of truth!


"Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas."
Johnny Carson.


Christmas is a race to see which gives out first - your money or your feet.


Enjoy whatever you may be doing,


Margie and David



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