October News (3)

October News (3)
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Christmas is a coming. And it is not always as idealistic as it is portrayed. Stress levels can soar, so this is the time to
de-stress quickly with our special

It is also a good time to take advantage of our Christmas package offers and start stockpiling the Christmas presents.

LAST DAY to take advantage of our PEACE STONE offer. An ideal gift for those difficult to buy for! And those you love of course.

Have you entered our prize draw to win a silver Skinny Nu-Me pendant?



The PEACE STONE brings harmony and protection
for 17 meters' (18 yds. approx.).
That is more than enough for your own personal space at home or work.  It is perfect for those having difficulties getting a good night's sleep and is a wonderful relaxation/meditation tool.
Ideal for night terrors. Size is 57mm x 40mm (21/4" x 1 1/5")

This offer ends today
and can't be used with any other offer or discount


"I changed jobs at the end of last year and when they asked me if there was anything I would really love as a leaving gift, I  suggested to them that I would love something from your website.  When I left, they presented me with a set of all three zen stones.  I was utterly overwhelmed and so delighted!  From the first night my partner and I slept like logs, we really noticed a significant difference. We had Christmas with my mother, who will be 90 this year, and has not been well and having trouble sleeping.   Because we were away for a week, we took two of the stones with us - I have the HOPE stone in work at my desk.   My mum slept so much better while we were there with her and I was so sure it was the stones that we left the LOVE stone with her.  Since then is sleeping normally and is feeling generally better because of that.    So, we just have the PEACE stone at home now, which is fine - I have great peace of mind now knowing that my mum is feeling better."      Louise, New Zealand


The QSB is the best and quickest way to de-stress in just thirty minutes, as blood testing shows, so that the run-up to and Christmas can be relaxed despite the inevitable stress and dramas. You can then really enjoy it.

Have your QSB switched on during family gatherings so that it can silently work on creating a calming atmosphere. Or you could take time out to sit and have a group session to completely chill everyone out. And then when guests have gone to home, and the family to bed your night-cap to give you a good night's sleep is a QSB session all by yourself or sharing it with your significant other.

This offer can't be used with any other discount or offer and while limited stocks last.

"By the way, I am loving my QSB, am sleeping better, have more energy and have a feeling of calmness. Great stuff!"
Merrilyn NZ

You can read other experiences with the QSB

After several childhood cancer cases at one school, parents question cell tower radiation
After several childhood cancer cases at one school, parents question cell tower radiation

Two new Stainless-Steel Nu-Me Pendants to be won

Two trendy, powerful Stainless Steel Nu-Me pendants to be won. Providing protection and energy balancing 24/7.

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