September News (3)

September News (3) * NEW PEBAL COMING SOON, * THIS WEEK'S BARGAIN - Ki-bal for $20 when you order a Nu-Me Skinny pendant in silver, * Measuring stress levels, * Having your say, * Want a QSB? - by request our bargain offer is extended for one week. * Did you miss our Live QSB Webinars?, * Working with the QSB, * Watch this space, * Win a Life Energy Healing Wand - 2 runner-up prizes of Izits (Muscle testers). Life Energy News Sept 2018 (3)
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With any silver Nu-Me Skinny

Measuring stress levels.

Just back from a great holiday. David and I have had two weeks away for the first time in eight years, and we loved it. Every lazy, indulgent, mindless minute. What we couldn't do anything about we didn't worry about. Bliss.

Coming home, even the one and a half hour waiting in line at Auckland airport for bio security checks to see if we were smuggling in fruit, animal bits and pieces or dirty camping equipment, didn't faze us. Tired and hungry we may have been, but we were still chilled. With no food in the cupboards we broke our journey home with a Thai curry and glass of wine. The holiday mood was still flourishing.

Next day with vigour and a renewed zest we returned to work. And bam. Another day, and we entered another world. Two weeks' worth of pent-up drama unfolded. Every broken-down device, every query, every request - possible and impossible, every mishap, every shortage, every loss - everything. The drama called 'living' hit us.

The mantra 'everything is exactly as it should be' was repeated incessantly as we bounced... read more....

Having your say.

I've received my Nu-Me and I'm really so glad I bought one. I felt the difference almost immediately. I was able to make decisions better and indeed have a clearer mind. It just feels so good. calm! I worked in a fast pace and am always in a stress mode at least from 8am to 5pm every day. Now, with Nu-Me what is stress? Brenda, SG

If you have anything you want to share, ask us and make us laugh about email

Want a QSB? - by request our bargain offer is extended for one week.

We have had so many requests to extend the 20% discount on QSBs, so that our customers can get the money together, that rather than disappoint we have extended our offer for a further week.

The QSB has sold worldwide. There are now hundreds out there doing a grand job. We couldn't be more thrilled. It has taken nearly ten years of research, design, development and testing to get to this point. The results, feedback and knowledge that they are doing so much good is so worth it.

We would like every-one to benefit by using one. We obviously can't gift one to you, but we can give you a discounted price plus a thirty days money refund guarantee.

This offer includes a FR*EE Upgrade pack worth $199

Did you miss our Live QSB webinars?

We have had two very successful QSB webinars - very informative and interactive. If you missed them, you haven't missed out watching them.

The QSB helps you to selfheal at a causal level. This webinar is a must watch if you want to heal your life.

Healing, Vibrational medicine and the QSB

Not getting a good night's sleep? It is not surprising as we are in the midst of an insomnia epidemic. There are so many factors why we don't sleep, and we address the main

To watch Unravelling Insomnia -Why we don't sleep, and how we can

Working with the QSB.

A client just left here after a QSB session feeling all put back together again after a harrowing two days with heart arrythmia. She saw her doctor this morning about it, and today, they took her off two prescriptions, so that will help, too. (Chemical medicine is killing people!)

Anyway, she said she could feel her entire chakra system being realigned, and all traces of the arrythmia are totally gone!

Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD
Expert Career-and-Life Coaching Since 1979

See more QSB feedback here....

If you have a QSB and would like to introduce it to others we have an affiliate scheme that makes it easy and profitable.

Watch this space.

We apologise to all of you that wanted a P.e.bal but have been unable to purchase one, as we have stopped making the old-style P.e.bals because:

A new more elegant, more powerful, improved P.e.bal is 

Coming soon

Watch this space for announcements

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