The Limited Edition Nu-Me Skinny Square

"This is protection at its most elegant. A gorgeous piece of jewellery that will keep you calm, protect you from electromagnetic radiation and ALL unbalanced energies - everything from EMF to other people’s negative energy. Not only will the unique Life Energy Designs technology take care of your wellbeing the stunning design will make you feel like a million dollars.

And there is more……

Its slim, light weight design is fully reversible. On one side a cascade of bubbles tumble down. On the other the distinctive coil of all Nu-Me pendants is set with Swarovski crystals. Two very distinctive looks and at a very affordable price.


They are embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies (used since the Middle Age) that are relaxing, healing and uplifting.


They are a limited edition and so stocks are finite. Once gone there will be no more.


Finished in sterling silver it is 3cm (1 1/4”) square and 0.5 cm deep (very skinny). It comes with a waxed cotton cord with silver fastenings or can be worn with any silver chain or choker. The velvet pouch makes it an ideal present that is already gift wrapped

Nu-Me Skinny Square - Limited Edition

Nu-Me Skinny Square - Limited Edition

Limited Edition Nu-Me Skinny Square



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