Prize Draws

Two new stainless-steel Nu-Me Pendants to be won 



name the designs of our Stainless-Steel Nu-Me pendants  Find some help here…. 

Answers to:  Prizes will be drawn at the end of October


If you are a lucky winner email Margie to claim your prize.

Fernando Vel├ízquez – silver skinny

Mel Jarvis – copper Skinny 

Lara McKenna - Ki-Bal

Jane Manthorpe - Ki-Bal

Judy Valero - Zen Stone Set

Kim Nixon - Hope Stone *

Leigh Ann Tatnall - POWER P.E.BAL*

Andrew Larsen - Ki-Bal

Susana Seilheimer - Ki-Bal

Sandy Broomhead - Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, Skinny Nu-Me pendant and 2 RadiSafe phone shields*

Theresa Sidwell - Family Pack of 4 RadiSafe

Nuria Bover - Family Pack of 4 RadiSafe*

Leigh Ann Tatnall - Life Energy Healing Wand*

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