Night Terrors

Night terrors are a common disorder. They affect a staggering 15% of children (mostly younger kids) and 3% of the population. They are more prevalent in boys than girls, and there is often a family history. This is probably a conservative figure as there are many people who are not aware that there is a title for this condition and often night/sleep terrors are labelled as night-mares.

What causes night Terrors?

There are many theories:
• Increased brain activity.
• Glitches in sleep patterns.
• Some researchers believe it is that a chemical trigger causes the brain to 'misfire'.
• These misfires can be caused by many factors such as stress and various other medical ailments.
• Physic attack by malignant, nonphysical entities.

Any or all could be true.

What are the symptoms?

• A sudden awakening from sleep Fearful or terrified often screaming, sweating and confused.
• This is usually accompanied with a very rapid heart rate and an inability to explain what happened.
• Night terrors occur usually from one hour after falling asleep.
• Often the eyes are wide open although in a deep sleep.
• They may try to get out of bed/cot and often sleep walk.
• Usually the person has no recall of any bad dreams or nightmares, but may have a vague sense of frightening images.
• Many people see spiders, snakes, tigers or even people in the room.
• They are unable to be fully awakened and are difficult to comfort. They often have no memory of the event on awakening.

The Main Points about Night terrors (sleep terrors) are:

• Mainly affects children between 3 and 12 years old, but can occur at any age
• It does tend to run in the family
• Usually occurs 15 minutes to 1 hour after going to sleep
• The child or person doesn't wake
• They are unable to be comforted
• Will not respond to anyone
• Can last between 10 and 20 minutes
• Doesn't usually remember the night time incidence
• Increased occurrences during times of stress or over-active daytime activity
• There is an 18% incidence of sleep walking and some children manage to actually leave their homes
• Very important to protect the child from injury.

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"Hi Margie,

I received the pyramid about 6 days ago (approximately). The first night, I had 1 night terror (I was having between 4 and 5 on average for years!) After the first night I haven't had any at all.

It's funny, we were sleeping and the my parents central heating system was making a strange sounds. Usually these types of noises would make me jump out of bed with hallucinations (small sounds seemed to effect me). However, it's my wife who woke up and said ...Jason... what's the noise (she wasn't having a night terror, just concerned). I was in such a deep sleep that she had to ask me a few times. I told her it was nothing and to go back to sleep. We spoke about it the next day. I've been having very deep, clear dreams without night terrors (even if some of the dreams are negative, they're just regular dreams).
Jason R, Israel.
I am not sure how to thank you enough! We had - yes had! 2 eight year old boys (twins) waking up screaming every other night with what is known as night terrors. When we read that your protection devices helped with sleeping so we thought we would give it a try. It has been 3 weeks now with both sleeping through the night. Amazing!
Julie. S, Palmerston North, N.Z

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