Nu-Me Pendant - Scalar Wave Enhanced

The Nu-Me protective pendant is unlike any other protective pendant on the market. No other protective pendant balances the personal energy system as well as protecting you and your loved ones from all disturbed energy, including EMF, in the same way as the Nu-Me. Effective against stress, the Nu-Me leaves you feeling calm whilst it supports your immune system and ensures you are protected.

If you want to stay calm, centered, and protected in this crazy world then make your choice on the drop-down menu and click the buy now button:

Nu-Me Pendant

Nu-Me Pendant

Personal protection/balancing and healing 24/7.

The Nu-Me uses the same technology as our p.e.bal to move and balance energy. This creates a harmonizing energy field around you to protect against all forms of disturbed energy such as EMF and geopathic stress and other peoples' negative energy.

It will also work to balance your energy and help you resolve issues at the energetic level whilst supporting your immune system.

For the last three years we have also been using our own scalar wave generator to embed the healing solfeggio frequencies. This makes these available to the wearer as a powerful healing resource.

My p.e.bal & nu-me pendant just arrived. I felt so much more peace in my home and in my mind and body. Stress is melting away. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful products that refine the body and spirit.
Deborah Meyer - USA

The Nu-Me uses the same powerful energy-manipulative / harmonizing technology as the p.e.bal designed into a stunning range of pendants that are not merely functional but are hand made (in New Zealand) pieces of jewelry that look good on both men and women. For those that don't wear jewelry there is the Nu-Me clip.

picture: Nu-Me Clip-On

I must say that i am very impressed with the quality of it. and after i put it on i felt as though i was in a 'bubble'."
Rayesh Peswani, India
The Nu-Me is available in 6 different standard versions,in two sizes, regular (3.5cm dia. or 1.38") and compact (2.5cm dia. or 1"),and two finishes silver and copper. The Nu-Me clip-on, available in regular size silver. All the silver Nu-Me protective pendants have Swarovski crystals set in the face.The Nu-Me when Worn around the neck or clipped to your belt / bra (the Nu-Me Clip-On) is balancing your chakras, clearing your aura,and allows your immune system to work efficiently to heal or keep you well.It also protects you from any unbalanced energy including EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields).

i just love my nu-me pendant, now everyone that sees me cant take there eyes of it. they all want one, because its so stunning and such an eye catcher its absolutely wonderful i feel calm and not so scattered in the head. i find im more sociable with people, im going to order the p.e.bal next
Vanessa Fitti - N.Z, New Zealand

The regular size Nu-Me is the most powerfuland we recommend it for those that want maximum protection, especially the electrosensitive. It is not suitable for children under 12 years.

The compact Nu-Me gives adequate protection to adults and is suitable for children. Energy sensitive people often find it more comfortable to wear than the regular size. Although it is possible to adjust to the energy of the regular size within a couple of days by wearing it on and of in two hour cycles if the extra protection is needed.

The price is the same on both sizes as the component and crafting costs are exactly the same.

Nu-Me Pendant

Nu-Me Pendant

Personal protection/balancing and healing 24/7.

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Nu-Me Pendant Accessories

Nu-Me Pendant Accessories

Waxed Cotton cord replacements, silver choker, copper chain.

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Jewelry Wipes

Jewelry Wipes USD$14.90

Keep your Nu-Me shiny (copper or silver) with these handy jewelry wipes - box of 25.

Just thought I'd let you know I felt a real buzz of energy from the pendent, within minutes of wearing it.
Karen Moloney, Victoria, Australia.
I received the pendant. What can I say? It's fantastic; I'm already noticing subtle differences, such as: feeling a lot more calm and grounded; clearer head; ability to focus much better, etc............. It's great! I've also noticed that in the last couple of days, I don't feel nearly as drained when I'm working on my computer. I found, particularly yesterday that the ideas and creativity just flowed - and I did not feel drained at all!
Jodi Hansen, Auckland, N.Z.
The nu-me's and the p.e.bal arrived. They seem fantastic thus far. Impressive quality too (you never can tell ordering over the internet, but these are solid and very good looking). As well as powerful.

My wife had never been able to feel energy fields before (from crystals etc), but felt it immediately from both the nu-me and p.e.bal
S. Madison - Australia
I have received the Nu-Me Pendant + your gift. THANK YOU.
I do feel grounded with it....have been wearing it two days now.
Cathryn Chee - Hong Kong

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