5G is killing birds. What is it doing to us?

5G is killing birds. What is it doing to us?

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If you want to reduce your local bird population then there seems to be a simple solution – set up a 5G tower and watch them fall to the ground. This is what happened at a 5G site in Holland recently.

The location was the Hoefkade in the Hague and the 5G mast was set up to test for any damage to nearby equipment. As soon as the transmitter was fired up birds fell dead from the trees.

On the following days a nearby park, the Huygenspark, experienced multiple bird deaths as follows:

Friday October 19-30 dead starlings

Wednesday October 24-30 dead starlings

Thursday October 25-88 dead starlings

Thursday November 1-138 dead starlings, 2 dead wood pigeons.

Friday November 2-7 dead starlings

Saturday November 3-44 dead starlings.

The birds were found under the tree where they normally slept.

A sample of the birds was examined and were found to be free of any virus or detectible illness.

They are still planning to roll out this technology worldwide and many people are already living as close, if not closer, to these towers as the birds were perched.

In a world that seems to lack sanity and have little regard for human life and wellbeing, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at this. Perhaps those of us who still have a measurable amount of common sense should do something?

David Slinger 



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