The secret of eternal youth!

The secret of eternal youth!

My Mum, at ninety four, is a great inspiration. She suffered a minor stroke a couple of months ago which is putting an end to being able to live alone and fiercely independently. It has impaired her short term memory. Rather than getting her down and depressed it has given her another new incentive to grab this precious life by the horns. Her new mantra is “Mind over Matter”. She says that she still feels eighteen when despite the Second World War devastating so many lives she, like many other, worked in a munitions factory by day and danced at night behind black-out curtains or in an air-raid shelter.  

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? When I read this it made me think. Our hearts are eternally young - we all know this. Sadly our bodies are not!! But it is our mind that orchestrates everything we do and are. A powerful tool which can either enhance our life or bring us to our knees. Makes us feel young and vital or aged and decrepit. Age isn't just about years then is it? It is about our attitude? 

Thoughts are energy and it is up to us to make sure that that energy is positive for our own well being. So that we can manifest the life we want and lead a life that suits the age that we feel that we are rather than an age merely of years and conditioning. 

If you want help to keep your thoughts positive the Nu-Me is a great little tool! 



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