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pyramid power
There are more than 200 pyramids that have so far been discovered on the earth. Russian scientists (amongst others) are now catching up with what the ancients knew about the energetic properties of these magnificent structures and using them for healing and other purposes.

The energy that can be felt around pyramids is a result of the geometry somehow focusing and concentrating ambient life-energy (chi, orgone, ki, zero-point energy, prana..)

Our own little pyramid punches way above its weight thanks to some additional technologies encapsulated by its pewter pyramid casing.

1) Wilhelm Reich’s orgone / energy-moving technology.

2) Vortex technology (spins the energy, creating a vortex and greatly amplifying
energy flow)

3) Crystals (programmed) - vital to process/ harmonize the energy flowing.

The end result is a massive energy flow of harmonized energy and a resulting protective energy field. This is incredibly useful for:

1) Energetically cleansing any space (powerful enough to do many of the neighbors' places as well).

2)Chakra balancing / Aura cleansing. Hold it in your energy field to rapidly balance your energy centers whilst cleaning your aura of all lower energies.

3)Meditation. Hold your p.e.bal and see how quickly you become centered and peaceful

4)Disharmonious energies coming from negative people, EMF (electricity), geopathic stress (geologically disturbed energy), and any other source are transmuted to harmonious energy by the p.e.bal's energy-field.

5)Healing. If you understand that illness and pain have their root cause in disturbed energy, then you can understand how the p.e.bal is great for healing and pain relief.

I describe the p.e.bal as a “serenity tool” for the house or workplace, in that it simply removes from the environment those negative energies which contribute so much to the daily stresses and angst we normally experience... it powerfully connects each being within its radius to the universal consciousness that surrounds us all and – having got rid of negative energies – allows us to access the loving energy of creation.. It is a magical device!
Mike, Australia
I NEVER travel to any hotel or anywhere without my p.e.bal these days. I used to be so sensitive to weird energies in hotels and now I feel confident and sleep peacefully every time. I even took it to my freelance gig at a highly competitive, hostile & stressful workplace and the two day freelance gig went without stress or previous workplace hostility! (experienced the last several times there!) If only they knew!!.” Lindy, Manhattan, USA
P.e.Ball is making my life so much better - i had to put in under my pillow for last few days - amazing how much better i am sleeping and no pain on awakening! Thank you again for providing this technology ... :-)))))))Jasmina, Christchurch, NZ
My p.e.bal & Nu-Me pendant just arrived. I felt so much more peace in my home and in my mind and body. Stress is melting away. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful products that refine the body and spirit! Deborah Meyer - USA

We know that each one of these special pyramids has a home that it belongs in. Make the connection for yours to come home today!

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Powerful EMF protection and energy balancing.

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