Natural, Energetic Insomnia Solutions

an unusual insomnia solution
Insomnia is as debilitating as any illness it dictates how you live your life, everything that you do and feel. Tiredness reduces your ability to function and can eventually result in depression. If you are reading this page, you probably already know this and are looking for some relief.

what do you do when you have tried everything - when the pills don't work or you can't cope with the side effects? When you have tried the herbs, and hypnosis tapes and you still can't sleep?

Our energy balancing devices have helped hundreds of people around the world sleep better at night by addressing the problem rather than treating the symptoms.

The hormone Melatonin is essential for sleep - EMF(Electromagnetic fields) robs the body of it!

Some research has shown that up to 95%+ of insomniacs are kept awake at night by EMF
(Electromagnetic Fields). EMF is produced by all electrical appliances and wires/cables that carry electricity.

We all know that power lines, microwaves, cellphones and computers are not so good for us but don't realize that a sewing machine, bedside clock, TVs, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric shavers, remote controls, baby monitors, irons, cordless phones, fridges, ovens, washing/drying machines and electric drill (to name but a few) are also harming us by radiating us with EMF.

Why this stops us from sleeping

  • EMF stresses the body, taxes our energy reserves and compromises our immune
  • Our bodies can not cope with today's levels of EMF. In trying to cope with it we become
    stressed and are unable to get a good night's sleep.
  • EMF robs the body of melatonin - an essential hormone for sleep.
  • EMF also stresses the body by generating a perpetual immune system response to this unrelenting attack. A stressed body is not conducive to sleep!

But we can't and don't want to live with out the convenience of modern technology -so where do we go from here?

Everything is made of energy - life energy,zero point energy, orgone, chi, ki,prana - this
energy must be in balance for our well being which includes our health and ability to sleep properly. Our devices balance this energy when anything, including EMF/EMR has caused it to be out of balance. When EMF is harmonized by our devices it is no longer harmful to the body. The body then produces the hormone melatonin and the result is a really good night's sleep. Melatonin is also a hormone that prevents cancer.

What else causes insomnia

it can't just be EMF? My mind won't switch off!

We mustn't forget that we are also made of energy. when our minds are over-active and our body's tense this is a sign that our personal energy systems are not in balance. So unless we bring our own energy system into balance we will never get a good nights sleep.Our devices balance all energy including ours.Result - we are calmer, relaxed and then sleeping.

The science behind our devices.

What we can offer you for your well-being including better sleep.

We make a range of balancing/protective devices that have improved the quality of thousands of peoples lives including their ability to get a good nights sleep. we are grateful for the amazing feedback that we have received. (more feedback below). For personal Balancing/protection we have the Nu-Me pendant range. Hand made jewelery in copper and silver that doesn't merely look good it improves your life!

Continually balancing/Protecting and ensuring sound sleep for a whole household there is the p.e.bal,(pyramid energy balancer)our most powerful device - effective radius 18m (18 yards). We ship all our devices worldwide. When your device arrives the energy is tangible you will notice an improvement in your sleeping patterns almost immediately.

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PE Bal

The P.e.bal (Pyramid Energy BALancer) USD$149.00

Powerful energy balancer/protector and healing device.

The Negater Shell is tactile - it begs to sit in the palm of your hand. When you hold it the calming effect is immediate. Great to sit and hold just before going to bed when it relaxes, calms, and prepares you physically and mentally for a good nights sleep. Then tuck it under your pillow so that you are protected and balanced all night long.

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Negater shell

Negater shell USD$99.00

Balancer/protector. great for insomnia.

"I have a history of bad sleeping problems and was even put on sleeping tablets when I was a child. I cannot ever remember waking up "feeling good and alive". I purchased one of your devices which I placed near my bed. My sleep improved immensely and although I wake at five thirty as usual I feel as though I have had a good night's sleep. I now feel totally relaxed, something that is very new to me as I was a very tense and tired person."
J. Norwood. Glenfield, NZ
"My girlfriend, who had severe trouble sleeping through the night all of last year, said today that ever since we had the p.e.bal in the home she has been sleeping incredibly well, almost never woke up in the middle of the night again. Myself, I used to sleep ok, but simply sleep much deeper than before. We actually both look better in the morning .. I also realized that having the p.e.bal in my home creates a better atmosphere.."
Erik, Switzerland

When you suffer from insomnia you are willing to try anything

- but that can be impossible because of the costs. We allow you to try our devices without hesitation because we give you a guarantee that if your sleep in not improved we will refund your money.

All our products are hand-made in New Zealand and carry our personal guarantee. Personal service and customer satisfaction is our goal.