A complete detox and liver, bowel cleanse that protects against cancer too!

A complete detox and liver, bowel cleanse that protects against cancer too! When the body is clogged up physically or energetically we cease to function properly. We suffer. Detoxifying the body is the only way to go. But it doesn't have to be a punishment. To detox without suffering is really quite simple. Honest!

A really easy way to detox is with LSA* (Linseed (flaxseed), Sunflower seeds, Almonds) these are a mix of ground ingredients that Dr. Sandra Cabot developed. Read about it in her book "Love your liver" The LSA mix is high in protein, fiber and essential fatty acids especially Omega-3. This makes a valuable cholesterol lowering and bowel cleansing agent.

Ground linseed is great for the skin. Taken daily it will bring back the bloom of youth. Linsead is also a very rich source of lignans, a phytoestrogen which protects against cancer especially hormone sensitive cancers such as breast and prostrate.

Sprinkle LSA on cereal or on smoothies (this is the best way to use it), put it in soups or cakes, pancakes or deserts.Beware though that if it is heated some of the benefits of linseed will be lost.

LSA is great for constipation but don't overdo it or you will be conducting your life from the loo!

It isn't any good detoxing the body if your energy system is blocked
. That needs a detox too. Stale negative energy and energy blocks which show in our chakras and aura cause sickness, emotional problems, and disconnection from our higher self. We need to move these negative energy blocks so that we can live the amazing life for which we were born.

The Nu-Me pendant makes an energetic detox easy.It also protects against negative,unbalanced energy which of course includes EMF. EMF inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin in the body. this hormone is essential for preventing cancer cells forming. Most people feel the shift immediately. It all depends how much you are out of whack energetically. It never takes more than a few days. And then you have the freedom, and health, to fly!



*LSA can be bought in health food stores and good green grocers. Look in the cold cabinet.

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