RadiSafe Testing

The RadiSafe phone protector has undergone scientific testing by the manufacturers in India which is documented on this page. We have done additional testing with bio-feedback techniques such as kinesiology - all of which showed excellent protection is afforded by the RadiSafe. 

We plan to do further testing to satisfy any remaining doubters but a good test is to notice how much heat you feel in your head after a long cell or cordless phone call. Note the same after the RadiSafe is applied for a cool surprise! 

Cell phone thermal imaging photography




Scientists and Geologists after considerable research have found out that certain earth Minerals have the capability to successfully Harmonize the Radiation/EMF
This is the basis of the unique Technology used in RADISAFE protective cell phone/cordless phone chips. 

Cell phone EMF testing.

This product was tested for its EMF harmonizing capability through Kirlian Photography before and after affixing the Radisafe protective Chip.

A Kirlian photo of a Cell Phone was taken when it was receiving an incoming call. The photograph showed that the Cell Phone was surrounded by EMF which was indicated by the Red Yellow and Orange colors. 

During the incoming call, a Radisafe protective chip was stuck to the backside of the Cell phone and a Kirlian Photograph was taken. Instantly the color surrounding the Cell Phone changed to Blue and Green. Thus indicating that radiation surrounding the Cell phone had been eliminated/harmonized. The color codes and their interpretations are given in Kirlian color coding instructions. 

Cell phone Heat reduction test.

Normally mobile phones start heating up after 15 to 20 minutes of continuous use. 
Different mobile phones emit EMF in varying degrees of intensity. 
The Radisafe Harmonizer chip helps to reduce the heating of the Cell Phone considerably. 
Two tests were conducted to demonstrate the Cell Phone Heat reduction capability of the Radisafe EMF Harmonizer Button. 

Test 1

A Radisafe cell Phone EMF Harmonizer chip was stuck on to a Cell Phone which was used for 30 minutes continuously. This test was conducted with 20 Cell Phone users who felt little heat from their phones.

Test 2

A Digital Thermometer was fixed to a Cell phone ( LG Model No: 3530) and it indicated a temperature of 31.3 Degree C of the Cell Phone before it was put to use. Then the temperature of the Cell phone was measured after 20 minutes of continuous use which showed the temperature of the Cell phone at 36.7 Deg C. 

Then the mobile phone was not used for more than 2 hours. It returned to the room temperature of 31.3 Degrees C. 

A Radisafe cell Phone EMF protection shield was stuck on to the Cell Phone and it was used continuously for 20 minutes. When the temperature of the Cell Phone was taken it registered 32.4 Deg C. A clear reduction of 4.3 Degrees C. A reduction of almost 80% of heat radiation! 

RadiSafe Heat test

PIP imaging test

An experimental study was carried out at CBS Pune by Dr. Anuja 
Ranade and Dr. Suresh V. Dagur with Portoworld Following are the details of the study carried out. 


• The camera was set on a certain focus and then it was kept constant throughout the scan. 

• PIP pal was the filter used for subject testing. 

• PIP scans were taken on following steps: 

1. Subject was just standing without holding any mobile. 2. Subject holding mobile on standby without radisafe. 3. Subject holding mobile during call without radisafe. 4. Subject holding mobile on standby with radisafe. 
5. Subject holding mobile during call with radisafe 

Pictures 1,2,3 (no RadiSafe)

 RadiSafe PIP testing

Pictures 4,5 (RadiSafe in use)

RadiSafe PIP testing2

Significant changes were seen in the brow and the solar chakra. The Brow chakra which was very bright, vibrant and dominant of green before holding any mobile has suddenly become red and pooled with low red energy. This indicates negative effect of mobile on human energy field. 

After using RadiSafe there is decrease in red low energy along with appearance of blue over solar chakra. Blue is considered to be a healing frequency . This is a very positive shift seen over chakras and human energy field. 


Overall there are positive changes that are seen in the before and after scans. Decrease in red low energy is seen after use of RadiSafe which is a positive shift.

CIEMS Shielding Effectiveness Test


Testing of the RadiSafe was recently undertaken by doctors using simple blood pressure readings to demonstrate the effect of 20 minutes of talking on a cell phone. The same test was done with a RadiSafe-protected cell phone with a marked difference across the entire section of 25 test subjects.

RadiSafe is now the most Tested ,Certified and Proven product of its kind in the World. 

Radisafe Cell Protection

Radisafe Cell Protection

Radisafe Cell Phone radiation blocker.
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