Energy balancing even when you are asleep.

Energy balancing even when you are asleep. We are affected by energies even when we are asleep. If we share a bedroom we are affected by the other persons energy. Any being within our space or energy field can affect us. This is the time when we are vulnerable because we are not in conscious control. We can not protect ourselves.

Children and sensitive adults are most susceptible. Children are the ones that suffer most from night terrors which should not be confused with nightmares which are a dreaming state. Night terrors, that one school of thought believe to be psychic attacks, another - glitches in sleep patterns, have no hard evidence to their origin. But whatever causes them it is an imbalance in the sufferer’s energy field.

So are we really helpless in our sleep states to be affected by negative energies? Orgonite has been proven to bring unbalanced life energy (Dor) back to balance. Change the negative into positive life supporting energy.

So no we are not at the mercy of any old negative energy generated from outside sources. Orgonite beside the bed will be your guardian angel while you, and your family, sleep soundly.



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