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Our solutions will protect you from harmful EMF and Geopathic stress. This will improve your health, your sex life, your sleep and the general well being of yourself and your family. We guarantee it!

Imagine you lived your life in a muddy field where the mud was soft and squelchy and up to your ankles. Imagine every step involved pulling out your boot with a big schlurpy suck followed by a sloppy return into more of the same.

Imagine how tired you would feel at the end of the day and the next day and...... Imagine that you had been doing this for so long that this was now your "normal" life.

Now imagine that all this mud was turned to a glorious lawn and you were given a pair of air-cushioned comfy sneakers to wear. How would that feel? Can you imagine being able to run and jump again? How much more energy and vigor would you would have? How much more could you get out of your day?

Remove EMF from your life today

For so many of us this is what it is like when we remove EMF from our lives (for the EMF sensitive the analogy would be more like molten tar than mud). Our solutions are unique, simple, affordable, and guaranteed.

The p.e.bal

The p.e.bal stands for Pyramid Energy BALancer and is the most powerful device. It is designed to sit in your home or work place where it quietly generates a massive bubble-like field of balanced energy by moving and balancing large amounts of life-energy (Chi, Ki ,Prana, Orgone) How? Go to Technology

This bubble of balanced energy extends for about 18 yards (18 metres) in all directions. The p.e.bal deals with EMF / Geopathic stress radiation within its bubble by transforming or harmonizing it before it reaches your body.

This harmonized EMF radiation is no longer stressing to your body. A good analogy for this would be to imagine that our appliances are putting out a triangular wave and each sharp corner was pushing and stressing our bodies.

The harmonizing field of the p.e.bal would change this to a sine wave like this:

No more sharp edges, no more stress (unless the boss /spouse/kid.. is in a bad mood!)

The best way that this can be seen is using biofeedback devices to measure the body without and then with the EMF protection of the Nu-Me. This can be seen here.

All Life Energy designs Ltd products are individually made, and are not factory produced, so each item is as unique as we are. Enjoy the care and joy that went into the production of each one.

The p.e.bal:

  • Looks like a stunning pyramid paperweight (works as one too!)
  • Is an unobtrusive 2" high (4cm).
  • Belts out energy that you can feel (makes for a great conversation starter but can freak some people out!)
  • Offers EMF protection to every person, animal and plant within 18 yards (18M)
  • Provides geopathic stress protection for every person, animal and plant within 18 yards (18M).
  • Cures 98%+ cases of insomnia.
  • Uses a revolutionary technology discovered in the 1940's by scientist Wilhelm Reich, a contemporary of Eintein's)
  • Utilizes vortex & crystal technology along with sacred geometry
  • Has a very calming effect on any surroundings (see energy balancing)
  • Once placed needs no maintenance or consideration (perhaps a dust now and again)
  • Can be used for local pain relief
  • Is affordable for everybody.Is backed by a 100% no risk to you guarantee.

This is unbelievable-after 7 years of misery, itching and damaged skin, painful burning arms that no-one could identify-one night with my energy balancer, and I slept like a baby, and can sit at my computer without tearing my arms to bits-where have you been all my life!!!!!! Thank you.
Barbi Speers, Napier, N.Z

The Nu-Me pendant

The Nu-Me pendant is the same technology of the p.e.bal except it is comes in the form of a very attractive unisex pendant.

The fact that you can wear this around your neck means that you are fully protected wherever you are regardless of whether there is a p.e.bal nearby or not. It comes in the regular size (1.4" or 3.5cm diameter) which cocoons you in a protective harmonizing field of about 5 yards (5M) and the compact version (1" or 2.5cm diameter) which shields you with a field of about 2.5 yards (2.5m).

Watch a short video to see how the Nu-Me protects against a live cell phone.

The Nu-Me protective pendant

  • Is a stunning pendant that can be worn on display or under your clothing
  • Protecting you all day every day from all sources of EMF
  • Protecting you from all geopathic stress.
  • Comes in 2 sizes to suit everybody's style and preference.
  • Offers the therapeutic properties of copper when worn next to the skin (optional).
  • Can be worn by anybody.Is transferable to others.
  • No batteries or maintenance required (a little polishing now and again if you like it shiny)
  • Is emotionally calming
  • Balances your body's energy system
  • Assists mental alertness
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes restful sleep (by protecting against stress build up)
  • Is backed by our 100% guarantee.

I received the pendant. What can I say? It's fantastic; I'm already noticing subtle differences, such as: feeling a lot more calm and grounded; clearer head; ability to focus much better, etc.............It's great! I've also noticed that in the last couple of days, I don't feel nearly as drained when I'm working on my computer. I found, particularly yesterday that the ideas and creativity just flowed - and I did not feel drained at all!
Jodi Hansen, Auckland, N.Z.

More testimonials

With your p.e.bal purchase we are giving you a FREE beautiful hand made trinket box. These are made in Indonesia under a special "fair trading" agreement to provide work for women for a fair wage. We support this initiative and want you to also benefit by owning some thing made with pride and care, knowing that it is helping financially under-privileged people.

Your Nu-Me Pendant comes with a FREE cotton cord.


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