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Latest Competition Draw

Two Prizes of a Nu-Me Skinny. First Silver, Second Copper (your design choice) 


Answer this simple question “how many designs are available in the Nu-Me Skinny range of pendants?” 

Get a little help here

Answers to:

Prizes will be drawn at the end of August.

If you are a lucky winner email Margie to claim your prize.

Lara McKenna - Ki-Bal

Kirsten Hewitt - Ki-Bal

Jane Manthorpe - Ki-Bal

Judy Valero - Zen Stone Set

Sondra Grantham - Hope Stone

Kim Nixon - Hope Stone *

Leigh Ann Tatnall - POWER P.E.BAL*

Andrew Larsen - Ki-Bal
Susana Seilheimer - Ki-Bal
Sandy Broomhead - Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, Skinny Nu-Me pendant and 2 RadiSafe phone shields*
Theresa Sidwell - Family Pack of 4 RadiSafe
Nuria Bover - Family Pack of 4 RadiSafe*
Leigh Ann Tatnall - Life Energy Healing Wand*
Kirsten Hewitt - Izit*
Anthony Williams - Izit
Catherine Myers - Nu-Me Classic Silver Pendant*
Sonya Tobins - RadiSafe*
Anwar Mahdi - RadiSafe* 
Bill Nyantap - P.e.bal
Becca Kaup - Ki-bal*
Wiyaka Fox - LOVE stone*
Richard McGonagle - PEACE stone
Sommer Wagstaff - HOPE stone* 
Mel Jarvis - Nu-Me Skinny Silver pendant*
Nancy Gomez - P.e.bal*
Talia Thornley - Nu-Me Skinny Copper pendant*
Merrily Bishop - 4 RadiSafe & a Blockit-Pockit
Kathy Miller - RadiSafe phone shield*
Lara McKenna - RadiSafe phone shield* 
Moises Toledo - RadiSafe phone shield*
Amber Searle - Nu-Me Natty 

Georgia Christiansen - Nu-Me Natty 
Murray Thompson - Chi-Shell
Carla Jenkinson - Zen Stone Set*

Frances Simpson - P.e.bal*

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